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It's Time To Face Facts Toronto, Your Are Not Winning With This Core

Well, the clock has struck Midnight for the Toronto Maple Leafs as they have been eliminated by the Boston Series 2-1. One thing they did earn is the perennial award for most consistent disappointment in the NHL, as always, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Almost every year, the Leafs get hyped as the Stanley Cup favorites and continue to flop every year. This victory should be a wake-up call for this team to face facts, they not going to win with this core.

Especially in the many times Toronto has blown Game 7 games and against the Boston Bruins is just insanity. With how many years the Leafs have blown opportunities, it's time to face facts Toronto, you're not winning with this core. especially when around 50 million dollars in cap space is locked into 4 players, the depth of the team is thin.

One noticeable thing that boggles my mind is how this team quit once they went to overtime. One player of note is Mitch Marner. I don't know what he was doing, but he looked like he could care less in this game. Especially in the final drive where he allowed David Pastrnak to get the breakaway and score the game-winning goal.

He might get run out of town as a result of this if things roll in that direction.

Excluding the fans, do you know who I feel bad for the most? Austin Matthews. He played this entire series with some sort of illness, injury, heck maybe even both. That man should not have been on the ice, but he tried his best while not being 100%.

One thing is for sure, Sheldon Keefe needs to be fired now. Not only for how he poorly coached this team in the playoffs but for what he said in the aftermath of Game 7.

Loosing yet again to Boston in the Bruins makes things obvious. You aren’t winning with Matthews. You aren’t winning with Taveras. You aren't Winning with Marner. You aren’t winning with this coach. You aren’t winning with this GM either. It is Time to clean house, fire everyone, and tank for draft picks.

I would say blow it up, but here is the problem, most of the core has No Movement Clauses or Modified No Trade clauses in their contracts. That's also not adding the free agents that the Leafs are going to lose too with players who want pay raises.

They have to stick will this core next season and probably more since they are locked into Matthews and Nylander since their extensions start next season. At this point, do you have any hope that Toronto is going to take the next steps? I don't with this core. That got flushed right down the commode after this series.

Toronto is in a tough spot, and it could take many years to undo the damage and rebuild this franchise. This team needs a fresh start and it's time to face fact that Toronto won't win with this core.


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