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It’s Time For The Chiefs To Add A New Look

The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the most iconic uniforms in the NFL. They have never had a true alternative uniform. Is now the time to change that?

If you read the title of this article then you know that I am in no way saying the Chiefs should revamp their primary uniforms! The red and gold are classic as is the arrowhead “KC” on the red helmets. I, for one, love the red tops with white pants at home and the white-on-white on the road. Although the team seems to prefer the white tops with red pants on the road.

To this point, the only alternate uniforms the Chiefs have used are the red tops with red pants at home once or twice a year. While the look is good and the majority of fans seem to love it, it has gotten stale to me. And from the Chiefs’ perspective, they don’t make any money off them as they aren’t different uniforms, just a different combination.

Is A Chiefs Alternate Jersey Needed? What Might It Look Like?

While I will always demand the Chiefs keep their iconic look for their standard uniforms, I do believe it is time for a creative alternate uniform. These uniforms should be used once, at most twice a year during nationally televised primetime games. I think it will excite the players, and the fans in the stands and make the team a lot of money when fans flock to stores to buy the new-look uniforms.

The Chiefs have flirted with this idea for years, selling alternate jerseys in their team store. We’ve all seen the gold jerseys with red letters. I have personally loved this look. Red pants, gold jersey, and red helmet would look great under the lights. But I do understand how that is a lot of colors coming out to someone at one time. I have a friend who once said they would look like a McDonald’s commercial with that look, and I get that. The look could have landed in the 90s but I don’t think it would fly in 2022.

Chiefs gold alternate jersey. 👍 or 👎 ? — FB_Helmet_Guy (@FB_Helmet_Guy) January 25, 2021

The other look the Chiefs have sold for years is the black jersey with red letters and gold trim. Black is always a good alternative for teams, especially when talking about primetime games. The Baltimore Ravens have maybe the best primetime look with their all-black with purple trim alternate uniforms. The question with these jerseys would be what pants and helmet would the Chiefs wear with them? Would they go all black or would it be a combination of red and black?

Chiefs fans, how do we feel about a black alternate uniform? — Robbie Poulain (@Robbie_Poulain) November 6, 2020

I would choose for the Chiefs to go all black. I would keep the same pants they have now, only swap out the white for black while keeping the black and gold stripe down the leg. Wear the black jersey with red numbers and gold trim. Belts, gloves, and shoes would all be red. The most drastic step I’d then take is also having a black helmet. Keep the arrowhead logo the same, but make the rest of the helmet black with a red facemask. I have seen black helmet ideas with an all-red logo, but I think the original logo pops better against the black.

What’s your favorite #Chiefs alternate jersey (or concept)? Would you want the team to debut a new alternate? — Chiefs Edge (@ChiefsEdge) June 19, 2022

Unfortunately, I believe this idea is too late for this season, but how awesome would it look to see these come running out of the tunnel on opening night against the Los Angeles Chargers? Fans and experts alike are already seeing this season as a new start for the Chiefs. Without Tyrann Mathieu or Tyreek Hill and coming off a disappointing AFC Championship game it’s time to embrace this new start and give the guys some new threads to feel great in. And the Hunts would enjoy a nice little payday as I can guarantee sales of those jerseys would skyrocket around the country once they are seen on the field.

So what do you think? Do you think the Chiefs need an alternate uniform to be more like other teams today? If so, which combination would you choose for the team to wear?

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What would the NFL look like today if Travis Kelce wasn’t drafted by the Chiefs? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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