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Is Week Four A Must-Win for the 49ers?

After a disappointing Week Three loss, the 49ers sit at an underwhelming 1-2 record and look to bounce back against a division rival.

Outcome Of A 49ers Win

If the 49ers were to beat the Rams this upcoming Monday, it would put them at a .500 record. This would leave their divisional record at 2-0. A win in Week Four would put the Niners at the top of the division and leave their division rival in a place where questions would arise about the Rams.

Not only would the win improve their record, but it would also become a major confidence boost to defeat a division rival that had knocked the 49ers out of the 2021 playoffs. For a team that has lacked on the offensive side of the ball, a solid week of production that produces a win is exactly what is needed.

Last season the Niners were sitting with a 3-5 record when the Rams came to play in the bay. Niners ended up winning with a dominant score of 31-10. From that point on, the entire energy of the team changed. The 49ers then went on to only lose two more games for the rest of the season, in which both losses were close games.

Even though it is still early on, beating the division rival this week would put the 49ers right back on track to having a successful season.

Outcome Of A 49ers Loss

Starting 1-3 would not be a good look for the Niners. Only around 12 percent of teams that have started with that record have ended up making playoffs. The rest of the season would become an uphill battle for the team.

The 49ers are 6-0 against the Rams in the regular season over the last three years. In a matchup that fans are usually looking forward to, a loss would be a massive confidence breaker. For a team that already lacks a true offensive identity, any loss in confidence could become detrimental going forward.

Being 1-3 could also put the Niners at the bottom of the division, depending on how Seattle’s and Arizona’s games go this Sunday. The Rams would also have a big step up in the division. If the 49ers were to lose on Monday, the battle to win the division would become difficult. Rams would be 2-0 within the division and have a 3-1 overall record.

What Is Needed For A Week Four Win?

In an important divisional matchup, we can expect both teams to be going all in throughout the game. The Rams have both an offense and defense that has the capability of taking control of the game.

On the 49ers’ offensive side of the ball, quick routes will be an important part of the game plan as Jimmy Garoppolo will not have as much time in the pocket. This is due to the recent injury of offensive tackle Trent Williams on an already questionable offensive line. Getting Deebo Samuel’s playmaking ability heavily involved will be a key to victory as well.

On the defensive side of the ball, the main priority needs to be keeping Cooper Kupp in check. He is the biggest threat to opposing defenses and limiting his time with the ball is an important key to beating the Rams. The improvements in the 49ers’ secondary should be a solid threat against Kupp.

So is the Week Four win really that important? The answer is yes.

One of the worst possible things that could happen to the Niners as of now is the start of organizational problems. After two disappointing losses, head coach Kyle Shanahan has been under pressure and another could cause the start of problems. The pressure has come from both fans and players as well. The 49ers have a roster that is built to win now and issues within the organization could potentially tear apart the team that has been built.

An important win could completely change that narrative. A strong performance would build confidence for the 49ers, fans, and media coverage. Staying at a competitive record within the division early on in the season is important if the 49ers hope to win the NFC West. Losing this week would be a real roadblock if they plan to be true contenders this season.

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