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Is Travis Kelce On His Way Out Of Kansas City

The best tight end to ever walk this earth plays in Kansas City and goes by the name of Travis Kelce and his older brother, who might be the best center of all time. Jason Kelce just announced his retirement from the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL. 

Many knew it would be Jason's last season, and he was hinting at retirement for some time, but could his younger brother Travis follow in his footsteps this offseason? 

Travis will be 35 years old this October, so he is starting to end up in that old age for most football players. You can tell this season, he began to wear down a little, and he didn't look like his old self, which isn't shocking for a NFL player at his age.

Kelce is a tight end, so he must stay in, block, run routes, and get tackled. His body takes a ton of hits, more than many people on the field, since he has to do a lot, which is one of the main reasons he hasn't looked right this season. 

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is the same age as Kelce; believe it or not, he retired from football two years ago due to the wear and tear on his body. Gronkowski did have many more injuries than Kelce throughout his career, which is a huge factor, but still, when you reach that age of 35, who knows what will happen to your body in this sport? 

Another big thing that could lead Kelce to retirement is that he is a star worldwide now. He is in commercials left and right, hosting Saturday Night Live, and is dating one of the most famous people in the world, pop singer Taylor Swift. 

Kelce could make more money off the field than on it, which could be another reason for him to walk away. 

I wouldn't be shocked if he became a movie star or something along those lines. 

The last factor that could lead him to retirement is that his brother just retired and he may want to walk away from the sport with his brother and go into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame together. 

We will have to wait and see what Kelce decides to do, but there are a ton of factors that could lead him to retirement.

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