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Is This The Final Goodbye to Colts Fan Favorite T.Y. Hilton?

The Ghost”. T.Y. Hilton. A speed demon since he put on his number 13 jersey and immediately became a number one option for former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. Could this be the final sign that Hilton is stepping off the field?

T.Y. had an amazing career for the Indianapolis Colts. From day one, he showed why the team drafted him. Did many fans know about him? No, but he definitely made his presence known very early. From punt returns to 50 yard bombs, he came out every game day to showcase his insane ability to be an elite receiver.

Colts’ Hilton Was A ”Giant” Among Men

He became a deep threat assassin that also incorporated some precision route running. In a league where size matters, T.Y. would always show he could hold his own on the field and make defenders look silly, breaking down coverages on a consistent basis. Just ask the Houston Texans, where he is still the current owner at NRG Stadium. (Hopefully, he is in current talks to transfer ownership to current team wide receiver Michael Pittman, Jr..)

Pretty fitting @TYHilton13’s first game back is against the Texans. I’ll never forget in 2018 when wiki said he “owned” NRG stadium and he showed up pregame with a clown mask on 😂 — Caroline Frazier (@ncarolinecann) October 17, 2021

Father Time Has Visited The Colts

It might not have ended the way he or the fans wanted it to, but sometimes you can’t avoid Father Time. Every great player has his day. It’s a luxury to be able to walk away on your own. Though it might seem harsh, the Colts seemingly went with youth and potential. That’s fine, but, transparently, a veteran leader on that field, matters the most in clutch situations. Those type of clutch situations were simply magnified when T.Y. Was on the field. Every time, he would rise to the occasion. — Mike Chappell (@mchappell51) September 14, 2022

Do The Colts Need New Leadership In The Wide Receiver Room?

Should the Colts bring in new leadership to the wide receiver room? The answer depends. In some ways, yes, because Hilton gave the team someone on the field that could lead by example. On the other hand, no, because with a veteran quarterback in Matt Ryan and a future Hall of Fame wide receiver coach in Reggie Wayne, they can succeed.

I love TY Hilton. So glad he returned #TYisHome — Cody Felger (@CPFelger55) March 27, 2021

What Will The Future Hold For The Colts Without T.Y. Hilton?

It’s still weird to not see Hilton out there on the field running deep post routes, torching defensive backs for 50 plus yard gains and touchdowns. If this is it, the entire Colts fan base should salute “The Ghost” for his amazing career. Who knows? Maybe ten years from now, the Colts could have a wide receiver combo of Marvin Harrison, Jr. and Eugene Hilton, Jr..

Until then, the show must go on. Wide receiver Michael Pittman, Jr. has stepped into the number one spot and is looking to raise the bar above where Colts greats like Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton left it. If Weeks One was an indication to the direction the team is trending, Colts Nation will be in good hands for years to come.

Of course, the Colts will still need to build depth inside of the wide receiver room. (If you don’t buy the right groceries, how can you eat the right way?) Chris Ballard and Frank Reich might want to see if “The Ghost” is still available to create nightmares. Paging, T.Y….are you there? (We can dream. Can’t we?)

Michael Pittman Jr. is an absolute BEAST 🔥🔥 — Ʊ Bring The Juice Ʊ (@BTJPod) September 12, 2022

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