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Is This New England Patriots Great Finally On The Hot Seat?

Bill Belichick has been coaching the Patriots for 23 seasons now, but after no playoff wins (or appearances, for that matter) since the departure of Tom Brady, owner Robert Kraft has become unsettled with the head coach.

It is going as far as even placing a possible injunction on the coach this season, which could end in us seeing the departure of a legend.

He's The GOAT Coach; Why Is This Even Being Considered?

Well, as I mentioned, it is due to playoff success. Since the 2019 season, the Patriots haven't won a playoff game and have only appeared twice.

Belichick set the standard for playoffs, winning the super bowl twice as many times as he missed the playoffs as head coach before 2019. Kraft got used to the playoffs, so missing them or not going far in them is rare and unpleasant for the owner.

Another reason could be the difference in opinions over quarterback Mac Jones. Kraft believes in Jones and thinks he is the true quarterback of the future for New England. Belichick? Not so much.

There were rumors of a trade that would send Jones away from New England, but those turned into nothing. This, however, has happened before. When Jimmy Garoppolo was with the Patriots, Belichick wanted to keep him. However, Kraft said no, and Garoppolo was sent off. Would it be so unbelievable to be seeing this disagreement again?

So What Happens If He Is Gone After This Season?

New England might already have their coach of the future in Jerod Mayo. Kraft paid Mayo a good amount of money to keep him off the coaching market and presumably keep him as the coach of the future for the Patriots. This likely means Mac Jones sticks around, and a new GM is also brought in to replace Belichick.

For Belichick, who knows? Presumably, most open coaching spots would be available to him, but he would decide to even go for them.

At 71 years old, Belichick might consider hanging up the whistle, already widely considered the greatest coach of all time.

If not, Dallas is a real spot where he could head, another massive franchise with huge backing from the owner. It has yet to be discovered.

Will This Happen?

Honestly, it could. Belichick has struggled without Brady, and in a now-loaded AFC East with the contending Jets and Bills and playoff contender Dolphins; it will take a lot of work.

It may be for the best of the Patriots, and Belichick to call it quits after a run of historic proportions. If the Patriots can't win a playoff game or at least make it back to the playoffs, I think it's time the two separate.

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