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Is This Howie Roseman’s Best Offseason?

For a rabid fanbase that is difficult to please, Howie Roseman did a pretty good job of satisfying the fans while making the right strides for the team’s success during the 2022 offseason.

Roseman has made some insane draft picks over the years which has tarnished his name. However, Roseman has also made huge trades and signings leading to big success.

Dare we say this has been Howie Roseman’s best offseason? We have to look through certain lenses as different offseasons require different moves.

Pleasing The Fans

Howie Roseman’s last concern is how his fanbase will react to his polarizing moves. Roseman is the one in the office and around the team to make the moves. However, he did a good job at reading the minds of what Eagles’ fans wanted to accomplish in free agency and the draft.

Signing an elite pass rusher like Haason Reddick and re-signing Fletcher Cox to a more team-friendly deal were certainly great moves that were approved by the fanbase. Getting a star wide receiver like AJ Brown will certainly make most Eagles’ fans happy after a decade of poor play from that position. From a fan perspective, this is Howie Roseman’s best offseason.

Making The QB Happy

As discussed in previous articles, Roseman made it seem like he did not want Carson Wentz to be happy while in Philadelphia with the moves that were made. That is not the same case with Jalen Hurts.

Hurts asked to bring back the Kelly Green, it was done. Hurts requested the combo of white jerseys and black pants, and the Eagles were decked out in that colorway the next week. Jalen Hurts wanted his best friend to be traded from Tennessee to Philadelphia, like clockwork, Howie got it done.

Howie Roseman showing the strides to make his most important player happy shows he cares for the relationship there. He wants Hurts to succeed, unlike half the fanbase. This has been Howie Roseman’s best offseason in terms of QB treatment, without question.

Improving His Team

The most important question of all; did you get better, Howie? Yes, he did.

He hit needs all over the squad. He made great draft decisions that will affect our team now with Nakobe Dean and Jordan Davis, while Cam Jurgens was a pick approved by Jason Kelce to improve the future. He formed an elite WR tandem in AJ Brown and Devonta Smith, making a recipe for defensive disaster.

His only flaw was not answering the call at safety which shows his faith in K’von Wallace, who has been plagued with injuries in his first two seasons. Nothing wrong with showing faith in a guy you drafted, however. In terms of taking a team from playoff shockers to conference contenders, this was Howie Roseman’s best offseason.

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