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Is This Chiefs Player The Most Disrespected By Madden?

As new Madden ratings start to drop for the Chiefs and other NFL teams, there are a few that stand out already. Is this Chiefs player among the most disrespected already?

Many fans of the Kansas City Chiefs think third-year linebacker Willie Gay Jr is in for a big year. Gay made 12 starts last season and finished tenth on the team in tackles with 48. Despite the flashes of greatness that many fans in Kansas City witnessed, Madden NFL 23, by EA Sports, does not seem to agree that a true breakout is coming.

The annual Madden NFL video game ratings started being released this week, and as always have caused a lot of discussion amongst NFL fans. For the Chiefs, the biggest surprise so far has been the ranking of starting linebacker Willie Gay Jr. They gave him an overall rating of 69, the same as rotational defensive end Mike Dana, rookie linebacker Leo Chenal, and special teamer Dorian O’Daniel.

Gay was quick to notice this crazy rating and even took to Twitter to comment on it himself:

@EAMaddenNFL just take me off the game lol — Willie Gay Jr. (@WillieG___) July 19, 2022

I assume anyone reading this is as confused as I am with that rating for Gay. I am not saying he should be a top-rated linebacker or any crazy 90+ rating, but 69 is far too low. His fellow starting linebacker Nick Bolton came in with a rating of 79, which I think is perfect. Gay should have been in the 73 to 75 range.

Madden 23 Is Disrespecting Chiefs’ Linebacker With 2023 Rating

Madden is impressed with Gay’s athleticism giving him an 88 for speed and 91 for acceleration. I think those are good numbers to show the speed Gay has shown on the field. He also got an 81 for agility, which for a linebacker is really good; that is the same as Justyn Ross. His pursuit rating of 79 is nothing to sneeze at either showing that he is a true sideline-to-sideline linebacker.

It looks like the low rating for Gay stems from their view of his pass coverage skills. He only received a 59 in man coverage skills and a 65 in zone coverage. They aren’t horrible ratings, but they are low for what Gay is in reality. We’ve seen him be good to very good in coverage. It is one of his best features for a Chiefs’ defense that has lacked a solid coverage linebacker before him. When Ben Niemann is your third down coverage back, that is not good.

Willie Gay Jr. helps shift the momentum with the chiefs interception! 🙌🙌🙌 — Chiefs Kingdom (@ChiefsKingdomCP) October 24, 2021

The best coverage linebacker in Madden 22′ was Deion Jones of the Atlanta Falcons. He had coverage ratings of 74 for man coverage and 79 for zone coverage. I do not think Gay will catch up to him this year, but I do think his numbers will increase as the year goes on. The 69 overall rating is a joke for a player of Gay’s caliber. I am glad that he took to Twitter to hammer the rating. There are a lot of chips put on the shoulders of the Chiefs’ off-season, this is just one more. The NFL is going to have one angry team to deal with this season, and Madden just keeps adding fuel to the fire!

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Do you agree with the Madden 23 ratings so far? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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