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Is “The Patriot Way” Obsolete In Winning a Super Bowl In 2022 & Beyond? (Part One)

Things seem a bit unbalanced since the GOAT left town. The days that contained culture creators and enforcers such as; Bruschi, Seymour, Law, and Rodney are now in the past.

The burning question is, could “The Patriot Way” be obsolete?

Why Would We Say Obsolete?

The team has yet to win a playoff game since 2018. Their last two games against the Bills ended without a single stop by the defense. The first one was at home, and the second one was in a playoff game. The team has been 17-17 in the past two seasons.

They’ve lost homegrown talent because they were sticking to their price point. Lost out on other elite talents to division rivals because we wouldn’t trade the same assets. I understand those moves may ultimately not work. However, the days of getting the bargain deals from superstars may be over, so the team has to make some more splashes at some point.

The Chiefs, Bucs, and Rams proved that it takes more than everyone doing their job. A team needs elite talent in specific roles for the ship to keep moving. For instance, benching a player in the most crucial game of the season is not acceptable.

The recent woes of New England are examined under a microscope. When you are on top for that long, your lens gets bigger. It’s just the way it goes.

How Has The League Shifted?

Everyone thinks they deserve the highest-paid player in the NFL, but teams feed into them with less to nothing in the cap. The Saints enter the offseason with the least cap space but can sign Jarvis Landry. The Rams still pay Jared Goff but can give max contracts to their two Super Bowl heroes.

Blame the NBA. Superteams are the thing. Everyone wants to play with each other. They want their moment of glory. Unfortunately, the NFL has followed behind them. Everything changed when LeBron took his talents to South Beach, followed by KD to the Warriors.

The idea behind loading a team with talent stacks the odds in favor. How can I lose if most of the best players are on my team? Fantasy football is not real football. Talent can only take you so far, which seems like it has been the plan for the Rams.

Are The Rams Changing The Formula?

The Rams are the most straightforward team to put on the hot seat with their most recent Super Bowl win. A team led by one of the most genius minds in the sport’s history, Sean McVay.

They went to the Super Bowl before with Goff, but he couldn’t get it done against Bill, Brady, and company. Cooper Kupp missed that game from a torn ACL. They got healthy, made the Stafford trade, and the rest is history.

They gave up a lot of draft capital to make this happen. The next time the Rams make a first-round pick, Apple will release their newest iPhone model. It is an All-Star team come to life. Ramsey and Donald, now Bobby Wagner and Allen Robinson. Where is are they getting all this “cap space.”

Also, who doesn’t want to play where it is sunny and 75 almost every Sunday? The warm location brings the players to these cities, making them a great place to raise families. As long as the checks cash, life is good. Chance to win, huge contracts, excellent talent, and it’s gorgeous most of the time.

The NFL has reached unimaginable heights. Players are tired of playing by the unwritten rules of loyalty to an organization that wouldn’t hesitate to the thought of dumping them for the next best thing. But, sports are a business; people forget that.

Until Part Two, where I’ll ultimately argue the complete opposite side of “The Patriot Way.”

Sincerely, Patriot Pitts

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