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Is The NFL Scripted?

The NFL has accurately predicted the winner of the Super Bowl for the past two years. They did this by setting the colors of the Super Bowl logo exactly the same as the matchup. Many people believe that the NFL is scripted and that they have done it again this year. I am personally one of those people who think that way.

What Dude?

Yes, just hear me out according to my theory, Super Bowl 56 had an orange and yellow theme, and the Bengals and Rams were the teams that played. On the other hand, Super Bowl 57 had a green and red theme, and the teams that played were the Eagles and Chiefs. So, in my opinion, this proves that the Super Bowl themes and teams are somehow connected. What do you think?

Now this year the colors are what? The colors are purple, red, and gold trim, so it's definitely the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. Luckily, I had the foresight to bet on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl at +2000 and the Niners at +1000 at the beginning of the season. Later, I made another bet on the Niners at +600 after they had a brief losing streak.

I placed bets on the Ravens and 49ers to face off in the Super Bowl with odds of +1800. I'm going all in and not hedging my bets. I'm backing both teams to win with the spread. I prefer to go against the public and they seem to be heavily favoring the Lions and Chiefs, but I'm not convinced that they can't lose. Let's wait and see.



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