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Is The NFL Rigged Against The New England Patriots?

Does the NFL, being a part of the Illuminati, make more sense than calling Patriots TE Hunter Henry’s catch an incompletion on Thursday?


Probably, at least. There is no chance that Hunter Henry’s CATCH on Thanksgiving night was anything but that, a catch. His hand was under the ball, and anyone with half of a half of a half of a brain could see that. It’s obvious that as he went down on the play, his hand smooshed into a soft spot on the field, creating the illusion of an incompletion whilst simultaneously ripping away the Patriot’s chances at a smooth ride into the playoffs.

If we happen to miss the playoffs this year by one game, as some analysts are currently projecting, there should be hell to pay for everyone involved in what was one of the most heinously incorrect and embarrassingly wrong outcomes ever reached in the entirety and history of both Patriots football and the NFL as a whole. HELL TO PAY.

Of course, there won’t be any repercussions for any officials involved in Thursday Night’s tragic debacle, and there will be even fewer repercussions for the people feeding malevolent lies into previously mentioned officials’ earpieces.

The Dark Powers That May Be

I’m talking about the upper-level NFL sleaze who are never shown nor seen, yet cast their votes from the shadows on which teams should be experiencing success on any given season. I’m talking about the mafia-backed and government-owned NFL league of shadows which can change the trajectory of the course of an entire NFL season for any and every team at the flip of a switch…

I’m talking about phantom holding penalties, egregious pass interference calls, and anything in that realm of possibility that might be a helpful tool for ripping away dreams and glory from the organizations that have rightfully earned them.

Why though? Why would the NFL do whatever it takes/whatever is necessary to control the outcome of certain high-impact games between certain perennial contenders?

What do you think? Come on, everybody. It’s clearly all about the Benjamins, and it always has been.


Do you think the NFL, whose owners are a veritable who’s who, comprised of the richest people on the planet, wouldn’t do whatever it takes, and whatever was in the realm of possibility, in order to maximize their potential shared profits around the league? To get to this point financially, most of these people were likely ruthless business-wise during their time on this planet.

I submit there is no chance that they’ve all simply relaxed and mellowed out regarding the subject of profits. They’re going to continuously do what they can and what they have to do in order to secure the maximum profits, even if that may mean contorting or bending the rules in the face of honesty every once in a while.

So long as the public can’t prove it (which they can’t and probably will never be able to), these billionaires are absolutely going to cheat their own system in a way that’s potentially better for everyone who’s financially involved. If they could get away with it 100% of the time and continuously assure the maximum return on their investments, … why the hell wouldn’t they?

If you doubt any of this, I’d implore you not to be so naive. Although ignorance usually equates to bliss, I’d still argue that it’s hardly blissful to be somebody who’s considered willfully ignorant. Wilful ignorance is a key descriptor when determining the likes of people who could also be labeled as suckers, chumps, saps, and marks.

If we, as the general audience of the NFL, are tired of being treated like simple marks, we need to speak up and let it be known that this won’t stand. Hopefully, somebody or a few people on the inside who are aware of the various injustices that plague the shadows of the NFL will start blowing whistles on organized dishonesty instead of having referees blow them for penalties that didn’t actually happen.

Patriots VS. The NFL

To be clear, I don’t think the system is rigged against the Patriots entirely. I believe that every year, some shadow organization considers all of the wagers made throughout the sports gambling industry, as well as certain other intangibles, to determine all the possible outcomes that would make the NFL the most profit during any given season. With this information in hand, they wouldn’t actually need to step in and change things often… A handful of key plays during important games each season could easily be manipulated as seen fit by simply calling a penalty … or, in rarer, more desperate occasions, ruling an obvious catch as an incompletion.

Chances are that if this kind of thing happens behind the scenes, not everybody involved in the system will be completely aware of it. For example, Bill Belichick probably knows there’s some BS going on like this, but it’s nothing that he’s directly involved in. In fact, these dark powers at play are probably terrified of Belichick’s ability to win games that he probably shouldn’t.

If I had to guess, he has directly stifled and ruined the plans of the NFL multiple times in the past simply by being an incredible coach. (It would make so much more sense this way as to why the NFL constantly undermines Belichick’s accomplishments with the various “Belichick with Brady, Belicheck Without Brady” stats, graphics, and narratives).

Also, I’m damn sure Jerry Jones has nothing to do with this, most likely because he wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut about anything, as he’s proven time and time again.

Other than that, though, for me personally, the jury is out. I don’t trust a single one of these referees, owners (still love Kraft, Illuminati or not), or shadow employees. If I had to guess, these are the same people who are responsible for the burning of Rome. Within their ranks, there are probably a handful of immortal vampire-type creatures with interchangeable bloodlust and greed, rubbing their fingers together and laughing maniacally behind closed doors, feeding off the negative energy produced by the teams and fans that they screw over on a yearly basis. At least… everything I just said makes more sense than calling Hunter Henry’s catch an incompletion.

It’s the only explanation, really.

Unless every official during Thursday night’s game was legally blind…

It’s either vampire Illuminati or legally blind referees; take your pick. Whatever it may be, going on behind the scenes, only one thing remains certain…

Hunter Henry caught that ****.

Go Pats! — Pat Keefe (@PatKeefe12) November 27, 2022

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