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Is Lebron’s Legacy Going To Take A Huge Hit If He Fails To Achieve This Task?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The Los Angeles Lakers will be heading on to the second round of the NBA playoffs after defending the Memphis Grizzlies, but for one Lebron James, he will be seeing a familiar team.

The Lakers will be taking on the Golden State Warriors, and Lebron knows what it takes to go against them. Lebron faced the Warriors in the NBA finals when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers for four straight seasons in a row from 2015-2018.

Lebron went one and three against them, and his only series win was when the Cavs came back from being down three games to one and pulled off the NBA finals win. The only issue for James is he has lost three playoff series to the Warriors, and if he loses a fourth one it has to take some type of hit to his legacy.

How This Could Hurt His Legacy?

Being eliminated by the same team four different times is not great, and Lebron needs to make sure he pulls off the win in this series. He is already known for not being able to beat the Warriors outside of 2016, and not being able to beat them after changing teams, and adding a star player like Anthony Davis is a horrible look.

Warriors star Steph Curry could say he beat James four times in the playoffs, and you could argue that Curry and Kevin Durant, who also were part of those two Warriors teams have been the number two and three players in the league the past decade.

It would be another huge legacy boost for Curry, and it could be a massive legacy blow for Lebron.

This could be the last time Lebron ever sees the Warriors in the playoffs and could be the last real opportunity he has to win another title.



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