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Is Jim Harbaugh NFL Bound? Speculations Say He Might Leave Michigan For This High-Profile Job

It has been one crazy season for Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, and most of it has been his own doing. Harbaugh was suspended for the first three games of the season for violating NCAA rules during the COVID-19 dead period and then was suspended for the last three games of the regular season due to Michigan stealing opponent's signs. 

Despite the whirlwind of events, Michigan has shown remarkable resilience, going undefeated and securing the top seed in the College Football Playoff. 

Harbaugh has occasionally hinted at a return to the NFL since his arrival at Michigan. The possibility of him making that leap after this season seems more real than ever. 


If Harbaugh wants to return to the NFL, the Chargers could be the perfect fit. They have one of the youngest and brightest quarterbacks in the league, Justin Herbert, and who wouldn't want to live in Los Angeles for 365 days a year? 

Michigan fans should get worried that this could be the last time Harbaugh coaches for Michigan. Who knows what will happen down the road with the cheating scandal and what will happen to Harbaugh and the program? 

Harbaugh can't sit around and wait to see if he will be punished by the NCAA when NFL jobs are waiting for him.

Harbaugh will be coveted by many NFL teams this off season, and he might be the number one coaching candidate on the block.  

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