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Is It Time For The Lions To Give Up On Aaron Glenn?

The Lions have gotten off to a very bad start to the season, going 1-4. It’s no secret that the reason for this failure of a start has been the defense. The offense, before the Week five loss to the Patriots, was putting up 35 points per game, and the defense was allowing 35.3 points per game. The most surprising part about this is the Lions’ defensive personnel only got better over the off-season, so how did the defense get worse? It’s really looked like it’s been a coaching issue, so how should the Lions handle this?

What Happened To The Lions Coordinator?

The Lions, going into this year, was expected to have a middle of the pack defense due to the success of the defense last year while it was worse. While the defense still wasn’t good last year, being ranked 29th, it overperformed for what they were expected to do with the talent level in the first year of the rebuild. The defense also had many players break out that season, earning a second contract from the Lions due to how much better they played compared to previous years. Everyone thought this was a product of Aaron Glenn’s coaching ability, getting the best out of those players

The defensive breakout that the Lions had was so good that it had teams with head coaching vacancies interviewing Glenn after only his first of being a coordinator. When he returned to the Lions and said “ I want to be the best coordinator in Lions history” he had every fan excited about what he was going to do to this improved defense. The Lions added pieces like Deshon Elliot and Mike Hughes in free agency, Then went almost all defense in the draft including Aidan Hutchinson and Malcolm Rodriguez. Then what really ended up happening to the defense shocked the entire fanbase.

Glenn’s defense through the first five weeks has played historically bad and it has fans extremely upset. When the defense started playing badly Coach Campbell and Glenn said there would be some personnel movements, then week five came and it seemed everything was the exact same. Teams have said they can tell exactly what the Lions are going to do every play and are able to expose it. The Lions lost some coaches in the offseason, getting opportunities on other teams, which could explain why Glenn isn’t doing as well, he doesn’t have the same guy as last year helping him call plays.

Should The Lions Give Up On Glenn?

There have been a lot of reasons to say Glenn should be fired right now with how the defense has been playing. Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell have majorly improved this team from last year on both sides of the ball, and the players have had more time to get comfortable with the scheme. Plus he was, just last season, being interviewed for head coaching jobs around the league.

However, it is a little too early to call for him to be fired completely. Yes, his defense has been extremely underwhelming, but it is way too early to say there is no hope for him to fix his mistakes. Glenn made a defense that had absolutely nothing last year into a defense that kept the team in games. If he can not be so stubborn and change up his scheme a bit, this defense can be way more successful than it’s been through the first five weeks. However, if he doesn’t change up the scheme and the defense keeps getting exposed, someone needs to take action or he needs to be fired.

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