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Is Deion Sanders Destined To Be The Successor At This Powerhouse Program?

Deion Sanders recently praised Nick Saban as one of the greatest coaches of all time. The two have become closer while working in Aflac commercials together so Sanders has been able to rely on Saban as a mentor. It would appear that Sanders wants to remain in Boulder for the foreseeable future, but does this have real potential down the line? Saban's years in Tuscaloosa may be winding down.

Sanders' Comments On 60 Minutes

When asked who the best coach in college football was, Sanders hesitated for a moment but made it clear he felt he was the best coach in the country. He did, however, mention Saban as a great friend and someone he can rely on to help. Sanders acknowledged Saban as a great teacher, being one of the most accomplished coaches ever.

Is This A Real Possibility?

The answer to that won't come soon, but Alabama is struggling and I've never seen Saban look as sad as he did in their game against USF.

I mean look at how sad he looks. Drenched in rain during a weather delay, head down and not happy with how his team is playing. Saban has reiterated that he hasn't planned his retirement any time soon, but I also don't think Deion wants to move away from Colorado soon. Chances are, Saban will think about his successor when his time comes, and Sanders will be at the top of that consideration.

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