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Is College Basketball Trying To Kill Their Own Sport

The regular college football season is officially over, so it's time for most people to flip their sports calendar to college basketball. 

On Saturday, college basketball fans woke up with a treat and possibly the best regular season matchup of the year, with #1 Arizona facing off with #3 Purdue. 

Both of these teams could be in the final four in about four months, and luckily for all of us, we got to have this great matchup in December.

If you went to sit down and watch this game, went through all your channels, and still couldn't find you, you're not alone. 

You would think this game would be on Fox or CBS, but it was only shown on the streaming series Peacock. 

If you are not subscribed to Peacock, then you're out of luck and not watching this iconic matchup.

We already had to sit through an entire football season with Big Ten games being shown there, and now the best college basketball matchup of the season gets to fit right into that spot. 

Could you imagine turning on your TV in Week Two of this year's college football season, and Texas vs. Alabama was not on ESPN but on ESPN+, where you had to pay an entirely different subscription to watch it? 

Everyone would be outraged that possibly the best regular season non conference matchup was not on actual television. 

Well, that is the same thing that happened with Arizona and Purdue. Many people tune out college basketball until March in the first place. 

They all have the same excuse that 68 teams get into the tournament, so the regular season is meaningless, and that is one of the worst statements ever made. Still, at the same time, I can't convince people to watch regular-season college basketball when the best game of the year is on Peacock. 

If you want to show Purdue vs. Rutgers on Peacock in January, then fine, but when it's number one vs. number three in a great matchup, it has to be on one of the extensive networks and not some little streaming services that nobody wants to pay for.

College basketball must do better and ensure their best games are shown for everyone.

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