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Is Bills’ Josh Allen And Stefon Diggs Connection The Best Duo In The League?

The Buffalo Bills absolutely dominated the Titans on Monday Night Football. And once again it was a show starring Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. This leads us to the question… Are Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs the best duo in the league right now?

Bills Wide Receiver – Stefon Diggs

Through two games in the season, Stefon Diggs is playing at an all-pro level. He has 23 receptions for 270 yards and four touchdowns already in the season. Allen has only thrown three incompletions while targeting Stefon Diggs so far this year. This raises the question. What duo in the league right now is better than these two? 

You have Mahomes and Kelce, you have Herbert and Allen or Mike Williams, Stafford and Kupp, Brady and Evans. I think right now no duo comes even close to the connection that Allen and Diggs have. 

We had high expectations for this duo coming into the year and wow, have they already exceeded expectations! Every throw is on the money, every route is run to perfection, and it’s a clinic that these two have put on already early in the year and there is no one right now that is close to being as dominant as these two has been. 

Bills Quarterback – Josh Allen

Right now, Josh Allen is the consensus MVP favorite in the league. Allen has started his campaign throwing for 614 yards, seven touchdowns, and two interceptions that weren’t really his fault either. He has also added 66 yards on the ground as well. 

The Bills have a solid number of weapons on the outside this year. With Gabe Davis taking over that wide receiver number two role, Crowder and Mackenzie in the slots, and Dawson Knox rounding out at the tight end position. There are a lot of places that Allen can throw too. 

However, Diggs is still, of course, the consensus number one target for our quarterback. He trusts Diggs and these two know each other better than any duo in the league right now.

If Allen throws it Diggs’ way, there is a very good chance he comes down with it.

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Looking over the other notable quarterback and wide receiver duos in the league, I’m not sure you could really make a strong case for anyone else right now when compared to what the Bills have done on offense so far, especially Allen and Diggs.

The Bills will have a Dolphins team next week, that allowed Jackson, Bateman, and Mark Andrews to run all over them, so I’m expecting once again this duo to be very dynamic. Even with Xavier Howard on Diggs, we saw what Diggs did to Jalen Ramsay, arguably the best cornerback in the league, in Week One. He embarrassed him on national television, and his matchup with Howard should be no different. I expect this duo to be cooking all season long and right now, there is no one else in the league like it.  

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