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Is Baker Mayfield A Future Colt?

When Baker Mayfield first requested a trade he said the Indianapolis Colts would be one of his ideal destinations. Honestly, I agree. The Colts were a quarterback away three seasons ago, but seem to have lost that steam. Not saying that Baker would fix that but he is certainly younger and has the potential to be that player. This begs the question is Baker Mayfield a future Colt.


Baker Mayfield would be the youngest quarterback to start in a Colts uniform since Jacoby Brissett in 2020. Now, what is the big deal about Baker being young? Well to put it simply they need consistency at the position. If a team is to be a contender they can’t have a quarterback carousel. The Colts haven’t done a good job of not being that.

Luckily for them, the rest of their division also haven’t had much luck at the position. The Jaguars have had Bortles, Foles, Minshew, and Lawrence the last five seasons. The Texans had Deshaun Watson, but now that he is out of the picture Davis Mills will get the starter job. Then the Titans with Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill has had his moments but he is just above average.

With how average and inexperienced the rest of the division’s quarterbacks are Baker Mayfield would be a good trade target.


One of the things coming with youth is potential. Baker has also shown that he can play well in 2020. Last year he took a big step back throwing fewer touchdowns and more interceptions than the year prior.

However, he played through a shoulder injury and was sacked over forty times. He is by no means a mobile quarterback so when the pocket collapses he will often go with it. But the Colts have a good offensive line. So that is not a problem. Another advantage to bringing in Baker is he is much less fumble prone compared to both Wentz and Ryan.

The biggest perk and most notable reason to bring in Baker is his ability to work in play action. In his four years in Cleveland, he has attempted 335 play-action passes for 3,118 yards. In last year alone he threw for nearly 850 yards on eighty-nine attempts. Averaging about ten yards per attempt. Wentz last year attempted 144 play-action passes for 1,234 yards for an average of 8.6 yards per attempt.


Assuming Matt Ryan doesn’t return to his 2016 form this season Baker has to be in play. Now the problem is the Colts have found themselves in another weird situation with this trade. Ryan still has a large cap-hit in the 2023 season. So say Ryan doesn’t play well the Colts are stuck again with another vet that is past his prime and earning too much money. In my eyes, if the Colts find themselves in that situation they should bite the bullet and make the trade for Baker and have Matt Ryan back him up. It may sound crazy but youth and potential are two very important things at the most important position in football.



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