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Introducing our 2022 Patriots and the Jones

How will the 2022 Patriots do in Miami in Sunday’s game? Will quarterback Mac Jones dominate versus the Dolphin’s defense? Will Cornerback Jonathan Jones shut down Miami Dolphins star wide receiver Tyreek Hill? Could rookies Marcus and Jack Jones make an impact in their debut game? In this article, we will look to see if these Jones can make an impact and help the Patriots win on Sunday over Miami.

Can Quarterback Mac Jones Dominate On Sunday?

Coming off a solid rookie season last year there are huge expectations for second-year quarterback Mac Jones. He is now a captain of the team and the face of the New England Patriots. In his rookie season, he supplanted veteran Cam Newton to be the team’s starter and went on to lead the Patriots to the playoffs. He started all 17 games and had 352 completions for 3801 yards and 22 touchdowns.

In his second season there are big questions for quarterback Mac Jones: can he adapt to the new Shanahan-style offensive the Patriots are installing? Will his work with throwing coach Tom House show up in his arm? Will quarterback Mac Jones build and develop in his rookie season and be a top-tier QB in the league? On Sunday he will begin his second year against the Miami Dolphins and try to lead his team to victory.

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Cornerback Jonathan Jones Looks To Solidify The Secondary Against The Dolphins.

Coming off a season-ending shoulder injury in week six last year he looks to rebound and returns to his prior form. Before his injury, he was a solid player for New England in the Secondary helping dominate the opponent’s top receivers over the past six seasons. Going into his seventh professional season with the Patriots he faces a tall task in week one by trying to shut down one of the league’s top wide receivers in Tyreek Hill. If Jones can help contain Hill on Sunday in week one, he will provide New England with a great chance to beat the dolphins and start the football season 1-0.

Will These Two Patriots Rookies Play Major Roles On Sunday?

Will speedy rookie cornerback Marcus Jones be active for week one against the Dolphins? If activated, will he be on Special Teams or play on the defense Sunday? Will he make a big impact on the return game and maybe break a return for a touchdown to lift his team to victory? Furthermore, can Marcus Jones make an impact on the punt return game and build off some electric plays (and nine return touchdowns) from college?

Another rookie who may be activated on Sunday could be cornerback Jack Jones out of Arizona State who has shown instinctively quick plays in Preseason and training camp. If he can help shut down the Dolphins on Sunday this would increase the New England’s chances to shine and be victorious.

In Conclusion

Will Quarterback Mac Jones lead the Patriots to victory over the Dolphins on Sunday? Will Jonathan Jones shut down one of the most explosive wide receivers in the game? Or can the two rookies Marcus Jones and Jack Jones be activated to play roles leading to a Pats victory on Sunday?

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