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Intriguing NFL Week One Game Picks

Week One of the 2023 NFL season is here and the Stadium Rant staff writers have submitted their first round of game picks.

The week begins with the hopeful Detroit Lions heading to Kansas City to face the defending Super Bowl Champion Chiefs.

NFC East foes the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants go head-to-head on Sunday night, while Aaron Rodgers will make his New York Jets debut against the Buffalo Bill on Monday.


Name: Danny Fisher

Record: 0-0-0

Last Week: 0-0-0

Name: Enrique Samano

Record: 0-0-0

Last Week: 0-0-0

Name: Hayden Remillard

Record: 0-0-0

Last Week: 0-0-0

Name: JT Howland

Record: 0-0-0

Last Week: 0-0-0

Name: Michael Heisner

Record: 0-0-0

Last Week: 0-0-0

Detroit Lions VS Kansas City Chiefs (Thursday, 8:20pm EST)

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 27-24

Reason: Mahomes leads the defending champs down the field late to put the game away on a last second field goal .

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 24-10

Reason: The Chiefs get a win over the Lions, who struggle to get their offense going.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 31-21

Reason: Kansas City was the best team to end last season and they're going to prove they're the best team this season. I've got the Chiefs winning the season opener.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 34-24

Reason: Patrick Mahomes leads the Chiefs to a shootout win!

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 27-21

Reason: Chiefs pull off the win but it’s not gonna be easy coming down to game winning drive

Carolina Panthers VS Atlanta Falcons (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Atlanta Falcons 17-10

Reason: Bryce Young has a rough day at the office.

Pick: Atlanta Falcons 21-17

Reason: Falcons win a close one in week one.

Pick: Atlanta Falcons 24-10

Reason: There's lots of 'new' happening in Carolina, including a new head coach and new rookie quarterback. I think Atlanta will roll in week one.

Pick: Atlanta Falcons 24-21

Reason: Ridder vs Young should be an exciting matchup while the Falcons d-line gets the best of Young.

Pick: Atlanta Falcons 21-14

Reason: Desmond Ridder does just enough to pull out the victory.

Houston Texans VS Baltimore Ravens (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 42-10

Reason: This isn’t the Big Ten Anymore C.J.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 31-10

Reason: Ravens new look offense demolishes an inexperienced Texans team

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 28-10

Reason: Similar to Carolina, I just don't see the Texans having things put together enough to win in week one.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 35-23

Reason: Week 1 Lamar Jackson versus a young Texans squad is a big mismatch.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 28-13

Reason: CJ Stroud struggles week 1 and Lamar lights it up.

Cincinnati Bengals VS Cleveland Browns (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 31-17

Reason: Ugh the Browns are the Browns.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 24-21

Reason: The Bengals win in a close one; their offense shows rust but squeaks out a win over the Browns.

Pick: Cleveland Browns 27-21

Reason: I'm high on the Browns entering this season. I've got them upsetting the Bengals to start the 2023 campaign.

Pick: Cleveland Browns 30-27

Reason: Browns are surprisingly good against the Bengals in recent years and Burrow isn’t fully healthy.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 35-24

Reason: Joe Burrows fully healthy and ready to show the world why he’s the number 1 QB

Jacksonville Jaguars VS Indianapolis Colts (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars 35-14

Reason: No need to say why.

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars 27-6

Reason: The Jags have their way against a young and inexperienced Colts team who will struggle mightily.

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars 35-17

Reason: Another team I'm high on this season is Jacksonville. The Colts have some promising young talent, but it's going to take some time to get everything right.

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars 34-17

Reason: Jacksonville opens up its division title defense against the youngest team in the NFL.

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars 35-10

Reason: Despite the Anthony Richardson hype this is Trevor Lawrence’s year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Minnesota Vikings (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Minnesota Vikings 24-10

Reason: You Like That!

Pick: Minnesota Vikings 28-10

Reason: The Vikings dominate the Bucs, who won’t do much with Baker Mayfield at quarterback.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings 21-17

Reason: Tampa will struggle on the road against Minnesota. However, I don't expect this to be a blow out.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings 30-25

Reason: This game should be closer than most think. But Minnesota takes it.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings 24-17

Reason: Baker makes some wow plays but so does the Vikings defense.

Tennessee Titans VS New Orleans Saints (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: New Orleans Saints 23-17

Reason: When the Saints go marching in.

Pick: Tennessee Titans 17-10

Reason: The Titans win in a tight defensive battle. The Titans will prevail with their defense shutting down the Saints’ new-look squad.

Pick: New Orleans Saints 24-13

Reason: The Saints defense will dominate against a weak Titans offensive line. The Derek Carr Era in New Orleans will kickoff with a win.

Pick: Tennessee Titans 24-19

Reason: The battle of 7 win teams from last year. Henry and Hopkins boost the Titans to a win.

Pick: New Orleans Saints 24-10

Reason: Derek Carr comes back to life while all the old Titans player underwhelm.

San Francisco 49ers VS Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers 24-14

Reason: No Bosa? No Kittle? No Win?

Pick: San Francisco 49ers 20-13

Reason: The Niners win a close one, as the Steelers offense gets held back by Matt Canada.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers 28-27

Reason: Are we sure that Brock Purdy's success is going to carry over into year two? I liked what I saw from Pittsburgh's starters in the preseason, and I'm betting on that success carrying over into week one.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers 26-21

Reason: 49ers are favorites on the road but Steelers look to pull off second straight Week 1 upset.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers 24-17

Reason: Kenny Pickett's time to shine is now against a tough 49ers defense.

Arizona Cardinals VS Washington Commanders (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Washington Commanders 28-7

Reason: Cardinals stink, Commanders do too.

Pick: Washington Commanders 20-3

Reason: In the least anticipated game of the week, the Commanders get an unimpressive win over the worst team in the league.

Pick: Washington Commanders 21-3

Reason: Arizona is not even trying to hide the fact that they're tanking this season. Washington wins easy.

Pick: Washington Commanders 21-17

Reason: Good news for both teams. One of them will start 1-0 and it’ll probably be Washington.

Pick: Washington Commanders 17-3

Reason: Eric Bieniemy offense drains the clock while the defense tears apart whoever’s under center.

Green Bay Packers VS Chicago Bears (Sunday, 4:25pm EST)

Pick: Chicago Bears 27-21

Reason: The Aaron Rodgers era is over and Packers fans cry.

Pick: Chicago Bears 24-17

Reason: The Bears win to begin a new era of the historic rivalry.

Pick: Chicago Bears 14-7

Reason: I'm not sure what to expect from Jordan Love this season, so I'm going with the Bears in this matchup.

Pick: Green Bay Packers 23-17

Reason: Jordan Love silents Bears fans on the road with a big win!

Pick: Chicago Bears 24-17

Reason: Fields and Moore go for 2 touchdowns and over 150 yards.

Las Vegas Raiders VS Denver Broncos (Sunday, 4:25pm EST)

Pick: Denver Broncos 24-13

Reason: Lets ride.

Pick: Denver Broncos 17-14

Reason: The Broncos' offense struggles but will do enough to win them the game. Their defense will dominate over an unimpressive Raiders offense.

Pick: Denver Broncos 27-21

Reason: The Broncos have a lot to prove this season. They get off to a good start with a win over an AFC West foe.

Pick: Denver Broncos 20-13

Reason: Last year when Jimmy G and Russell Wilson met, it was a slow and low scoring game. It probably will happen again.

Pick: Denver Broncos 28-17

Reason: Sean Peyton teaches Russ to cook.

Miami Dolphins VS Los Angeles Chargers (Sunday, 4:25pm EST)

Pick: Miami Dolphins 28-27

Reason: Dolphins hold on to win by one.

Pick: Miami Dolphins 31-24

Reason: The Dolphins' explosive offense will dominate while the defense holds up.

Pick: Miami Dolphins 35-32

Reason: I like the Dolphins early in the season. They get the upset on the road against the Chargers to start the year.

Pick: Los Angeles Chargers 26-23

Reason: Potential game of the week here as this game can go anyway. Chargers get the slight edge.

Pick: Los Angeles Chargers 31-24

Reason: This thrilling game comes down to the wire with chargers game winning drive.

Philadelphia Eagles VS New England Patriots (Sunday, 4:25pm EST)

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 21-10

Reason: Eagles start their revenge season off with a bang.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 35-14

Reason: The Eagles will dominate the Patriots, who will struggle mightily against the Eagles’ front seven.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 28-13

Reason: The Eagles should be one of the better teams in the NFC this year. Meanwhile, New England hasn't shown me anything to be hopeful about.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 31-17

Reason: A Super Bowl rematch as the defending NFC champions start 1-0.

Pick: New England Patriots 21-17

Reason: Mac Jones plays well and Bill holds Jalen in check.

Los Angeles Rams VS Seattle Seahawks (Sunday, 4:25pm EST)

Pick: Seattle Seahawks 34-31

Reason: Geno does big things again.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks 28-13

Reason: The Seahawks will defeat the rebuilding Rams in an impressive way.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks 24-10

Reason: I feel we haven't talked enough about how good the Seahawks could be this year. I like them in week one.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks 27-21

Reason: Geno Smith looks to get a divisional win early as Seattle wins a close one.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks 17-14

Reason: Stafford's return doesn’t go as expected

Dallas Cowboys VS New York Giants (Sunday, 8:20pm EST)

Pick: New York Giants 21-17

Reason: How Bout Them Giants.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys 24-21

Reason: The Cowboys win with a game-winning field goal after a close back-and-forth game.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys 27-24

Reason: Dak leads the Cowboys on a game-winning drive for their first win of the season.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 35-31

Reason: Bills take MNF only because of experience but this should be an exciting game.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys 24-13

Reason: I’m a salty patriots fan so I’m rooting for the cowboys.

New York Jets VS Buffalo Bills (Monday, 8:15pm EST)

Pick: Buffalo Bills 17-13

Reason: Rodgers and the Jets have been grounded.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 27-17

Reason: The Bills’ experience will prevail over the Jets on primetime.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 28-14

Reason: I still need to see it with the the New York Jets. Until then, I'll bet against them.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys 28-14

Reason: It isn’t an NFL kickoff weekend without Dallas on SNF. Cowboys are the better team but could Giants surprise?

Pick: Buffalo Bills 35-28

Reason: Aaron Rodgers and Josh Allen go toe to toe but Allen pulls off the W.

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