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Insane Insights From Dark Side Of The Ring: Earthquake

The Season 5 Premiere of Dark Side of the Ring focused on the pro wrestler Earthquake aka John Tenta. This episode was a very different type of Dark Side of the Ring episode as it was not Super Dark compared to other topics, however, it was super heartbreaking and depressing with how John's Life ended.

We got a lot of talking heads too that were interviewed including Fumi Saito (Wrestling Historian), Haku, Jerry Sags, Fred Ottman aka Typhoon, Earl Hebner, Jake the Snake Roberts, Joanna Tenta (Earthquake's Daughter), John and Jeff Tenta (Earthquake's Sons), Josephine Tenta (Earthquake's wife).

 I did like this episode as I got to learn a lot about the man and what happened to him. To me from the bunch, there are 5 main things that I learned after watching this documentary.

5. What Was In The Bag When Earthquake Squashed Damian

The Documentary gets into the feud Earthquake had with Jake Roberts and the one segment that I always remembered was when Earthquake "Squashed" Jake Roberts's snake Damian while Jake watched. It was a really good segment that gave sympathy to Jake and made fans despise Earthquake.

What I learned from the documentary was two things. The first was what was in that bag because it wasn't a real snake that got squashed. Well according to Jake the bag was a pair of woman's pantyhose that was full of hamburger meat. Man did not know that because that bag looked like there was a snake in it. Whoever's idea it was to do that, I hope they got a nice bonus because it was brilliant.

The second thing I learned was that WWE got letters from fans about how it traumatized kids and that they should be ashamed of themselves for that segment. Which yeah it kind of was, but like Jake Roberts said it's wrestling. It was done to further an angle and well they did their job.

4. Haku Never Saw The Shockmaster Incident, Until Now

So since Fred Ottman was interviewed, you knew they were going to talk about the Shockmaster gimmick as it was one of the worst gimmicks in WCW.

I am not going to go into detail about it as I pretty much knew everything regarding the Shockmaster stuff and I don't want to lose brain cells, because the whole idea was so stupid. I will not go into detail about it as I don't want to lose brain cells. It is not Fred's fault that this flopped as they gave him a helmet with no clear vision. However, what I did not know was Haku never saw The Shockmaster incident after so many years. Well, we finally got a legitimate 1st reaction to it from Haku. and he laughs so hard. Haku is one of the most legit tough guys in the industry and to see him laughing is just great. It puts a smile on your face as his laugh is super contagious. I had never seen Haku like that ever and that was super cool.

Haku is still laughing and tells Fred, “I still love you. I've never seen that shit before." Haku's laugh even makes the producers of the show break into laughter as well which is great.

3. When Earthquake Started Realizing His Health Issues

So, the next half of the documentary talks about Earthquake's health issues. You knew that this was going to be discussed as Earthquake passed away due to his Bladder Cancer.

The discovery happened years after Earthquake left professional wrestling. He took jobs to help support his family through retail and eventually became a truck driver. While as a truck driver, John noticed that when he went to the bathroom blood clots were in his urine. Kind of a problem.

The worst part was John Tenta kept this a secret and hid it from his family. When he finally told his family and went to the doctor, it was discovered he had cancer. The worst part was that it was too advanced to do anything. The Tumor was the size of a baseball, which is never good and it was too late to fix the issue.

2. Earthquake's Final Days

So, Earthquake is in the last stage of his cancer, and it has spread to multiple parts of his body. So, once the kids were made aware that he was not going to live long, the children came one by one to say goodbye to him. Gosh even when writing this I am tearing up because it's clear John loved his kids, and his kids loved him.

John Jr was the one that broke me, as while he did not remember what he said to his dad, his father gave him a wink. No matter how bad the situation was, John made sure that his kids had a smile on their faces.

When John passed away, he held his daughter's hands and looked at his family and then he passed. I had to take a break from watching, although it was close to the end of the documentary. It just was so sad to watch and John's life ended way too early.

1. Not One Pro Wrestler or WWE Representative Went To His Funeral

Now here is the part of the documentary that got me angry. When talking about his funeral, it was super brief, but I was stunned when I found out how not one person from the pro wrestling industry went to his funeral. Not one flower was even sent by his peers or by WWE the company he worked for many years.

I shake my head at this, with how much of a villain he was in the Hulk Hogan era, and you can't even show sympathy at the man's funeral. I mean it is a shame and while WWE did have a photo in the beginning of Raw and Smackdown that year of a photo with the In Memory of.., they should have done better.

Overall, this was an emotional and well-made documentary. A lot of the talking heads were really good, but the main stars of this documentary here are John's family. They loved John Tenta so much and I wish that they got more time with him.

John Tenta, aka Earthquake, was a great pro wrestler, and it sucks that he passed at the age of 42. I am stunned that this man was not inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as he was such a great talent and was a natural in pro wrestling. Rest in Peace John Tenta. You will never be forgotten, and you left a strong legacy where you are respected by so many people.

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