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Important Training Camp And Preseason Dates For Eagles Fans To Know

The Philadelphia Eagles training camp and preseason is right around the corner. This means the long, yet eventful offseason is almost complete. What are some of the key dates that fans should be on the lookout for?

Training Camp Begins: July 26

July 26th will be the first day of official training camp. The Eagles will hold training camp once again at the Novacare Complex in South Philadelphia. They have been holding camp there since 2013 after having it for years at Lehigh University in Allentown, PA. Unfortunately, fans cannot attend training camp, so it is only available to certain members of the media.

Training camp is mandatory for all players to attend, but rookies are expected to be the first ones there. Players will take part in scrimmages, drills, and team meetings. The Eagles will have at least 90 players participating, but the roster will have to be significantly cut down by the time the season starts.

Practice Open To Fans: August 7th

Training camp is not open to the public, but the Eagles usually have one or two practices open to fans to attend. In 2022, the Eagles will host their fans at Lincoln Financial Field for one open practice on Sunday, August 7th.

Open practices at Lincoln Financial Field are a ton of fun. Eagles Alumni and players will be on hand to sign autographs. There will also be many family-friendly activities. Tickets are $10 and benefit the Eagles Autism Foundation.

First Preseason Game: August 12th

The Philadelphia Eagles will host the New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field for their first preseason game. Fans are used to seeing the Jets during the preseason as it used to be the fourth and final exhibition game for the two teams until preseason was reduced to three games in 2021.

It is unlikely Eagles fans will see their starters for long, but it should be exciting to see the position battles take shape. Who will win the starting right guard spot? Who will grab the final roster spots at wide receiver? This should be an exciting night to see the Eagles back in action. August 12th is the only home Eagles preseason game this summer.

First Roster Cutdown: August 16th

NFL teams must reduce the maximum number of players on the active/inactive list to 85.

Second Preseason Game: August 21st

The Eagles will travel to Cleveland for the second preseason game of the summer. The week leading up will be interesting to watch. This is when the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles will have joint practice at the Browns’ training facility.

In 2021, during joint practices with the Patriots and Jets, Eagles coach Nick Sirianni played his starters in practice, but kept them out of the game. Only media can attend the practice, so fans will have to tune into the press conferences to see how things went.

It is unknown whether the Eagles will get to practice against new Browns quarterback, Deshaun Watson. Watson continues to face legal allegations and a possible suspension, but it did not stop Cleveland from pursuing him as their next franchise quarterback.

Second Roster Cutdown: August 23rd

NFL teams must reduce their roster number to 80 players on the active/inactive list

Third Preseason Game: August 27th

The Eagles will end their preseason in Miami against the Dolphins. Miami will be debuting a new coach and offensive gameplan. The Dolphins much like the Eagles loaded up on offensive stars to surround their young quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. While neither team will likely play their starters, there should be plenty of storylines as each team will look to build upon their 2021 9-8 record.

Final Roster Cutdown: August 30th

Teams must reduce their roster to the 53-player maximum but can add up to 16 to keep on the practice squad. This number was increased from 10 due to the pandemic, but the NFL is allowing teams to continue to have 16 practice squad players for 2022.

Regular Season Begins: September 11th

The Philadelphia Eagles will open their season in Detroit on September 11th. This should hopefully be the start of a successful Eagles season.



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