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If Boston Red Sox Fans Want Ohtani They Must Do This!

Ever since the Chaim Bloom era started, it has been a disaster. Mookie Betts traded in a salary dump of David Price. They let players like Xander Bogarts, Nathan Eovaldi, Kyle Schwaber, and Hunter Renfroe walk for the likes of Trevor Story (IR) and Corey Kluber ( because his wife is from MA).

Here we sit as a .500 ball club with almost zero box office draw. Bryan Bello and Raffy Devers are good players, possibly the cornerstones of a solid unit, yet Bloom and the Vamperic number crunchers have placed a ton of scrubs around them.

The Boston Red Sox Used To Be Prime Time Tv... Till Bloom.

This team may have had one of the lesser-known farm systems during the Dombroski years, but they won a chip and brought home the trophy, which is why teams play the game. Bloom started treating one of the oldest, most well-known, and reputable markets in sports (not just baseball) like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (yes, before the rebrand and the success.)

It's not going to stop either, and I'll tell you why; John Henry LIKES how the team is being run currently; everything is cost affordable, and there are few risks because his bottom line never changes.

People still go to Fenway and pay the highest prices in baseball to watch a team with two stars, one actually if you go on a day that Bello doesn't pitch. This isn't to say the Red Sox are utterly devoid of talent, but their roster is just a shell of itself.

How Does Ohtani Fit Into This & What Can You DO To Help?

Shohei Ohtani is not going to be spending another season on the Angels. He wants to go to a team that can help him win, and despite what LA does, they can't get it together. They have Mike Trout and Ohtani, and all it leads is to disappointment.

As for why Othani would come to Boston, he is good friends with Yoshida and has a solid relationship with Connor Wong. Secondly, he fits EXACTLY what the Sox need. He brings a legitimate Ace to the rotation taking the pressure off of Bello. He can protect Devers in the lineup, so they can't just pitch around him. Finally, he instantly comes to Boston and is the most polarizing player in the city, and he would be able to fill the void that Brady has left. That is how much star power he has.

Ohtani in this city would win another World Series. He would be immortalized in Boston Sports History. Currently, Othani is projected to earn a 12-year 600 million dollar deal. As a Red Sox fan, this seems delusional with the current state of things, but we, the fans, have the rest of this season to do everything we can to affect John Henry's bottom line.


Let's shock the old geezer, so he finally makes a move that will help turn the team back into one of the biggest attractions in New England. Some of you will say this is stupid but guess what? Henry has won 4 World Series. He is on the back nine and is drowning in money made from this team; why should he change anything?

Why go over the luxury tax when fans pay top dollar to see the mediocre team assembled since Bloom took over?

Chaim Bloom, you want it to be "awesome" Step down. Let Cora move up and make big-baller decisions like giving Ohtani 600 million over 12 for 50 million a season. Remember, the only way this even has a remote chance of working is if ratings and ticket purchases are so low they scare Henry into acting. The last time he was in active mode, they won two World Series' in five years.

Do what's right if you read this and forget about the Boston Red Sox until they give you a reason to buy back in... Like Shohei Ohtani.


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