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The Hornets Should Like What They're Seeing From Brandon Miller

The 2023/2024 NBA season has been an absolute mess for the Charlotte Hornets. A lot of things have gone wrong for this team, and there is much to be angry about. However, I want to highlight a tremendous positive for this team, and that is the development of Brandon Miller. When the Hornets originally drafted him, I wasn't a fan of the move due to too many red flags. Teammates publicly voiced their frustration, and Scoot Henderson was hands down the better overall prospect. However, based on what I have seen so far, I must admit, I like what I am seeing from Brandon Miller.

In the past few games, he has clearly been the best offensive player on this team, creating and capitalizing on opportunities. He has also been scoring the most points within the team, and in his latest performance against the Indiana Pacers, he had a career high in that department. He had a 35-point game, 6 rebounds, and 1 assist. He became the second player among the 2023 NBA draft class selections to score at least 35 points in a game this season, with the first being Victor Wembanyama.

Here is another fascinating fact: Miller also became the 3rd rookie in Charlotte Hornets history to have scored at least 35 points in a game. The other two who achieved this feat were Alonzo Mourning in 1992/93 (35 points) and Rex Chapman in 1988/89 (37 points).

Miller has also showcased that he is the only player that cares on the team. His passion can't be denied on the court, and with his strengths on offense, Miller has so much talent and potential. His defense could use some work, but with more effort and practice, Miller should get better over time.

Miller is making me eat my words for preferring Scoot Henderson over him and even raging about the Hornets drafting him to begin with. However, there is a case that can be made that he has been the best player on the team. I wish I could say LaMelo Ball and Mark Williams, but they have a ton of injury issues.

When players like Bradley Beal are supporting you and saying the sky is the limit, that is super telling, considering how talented Beal is. That is a really big compliment that will boost anyone's confidence, and it's clear that Miller's confidence is there. He's doing this within a clearly toxic culture, as showcased by Rozier's comments and the entire team laughing when their head coach got ejected in a game.

Now, am I going to completely call him a stud player on this team? Absolutely not. A prospect has to fully develop 2-4 years into their career. While he has been good, I want to wait until next season to fully give him the star label. Remember, injuries could derail a player, and regression is still a factor.

However, when watching his rookie season, it can't be ignored that he has been a strong positive on this team. Especially, when he became the Eastern Conference rookie of the month of January. My message to Brandon Miller is simple: keep proving your doubters wrong, stay the course, and help this Charlotte Hornets team win basketball games not only in the present but also in the future."


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