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How The Top 5 Should Go In The 2024 NFL Draft!

The NFL Draft Is Almost Here!

With the draft right around the corner—literally, tomorrow, as I'm writing this—teams and fans alike are eagerly waiting to see what unfolds as teams try to get their next franchise superstars. The draft comes with a lot of shocks and surprises, but here is my final prediction as to how the top five will turn out on Thursday night. 

(This mock does not include trades) 

#1: The Chicago Bears Select Caleb Williams, QB, Oklahoma

This is a no-brainer and an absolute slam dunk for the Bears. Williams has all the makings of a quarterback in the modern NFL, and it shines through his game. With an elite mixture of creativity and accuracy seen in very few quarterbacks, Williams has solidified himself as a generational prospect and someone worthy of being compared to Patrick Mahomes.

While some are critical of how he paints his nails and desire to be paid with part-ownership of the team, at the end of the day, only one thing matters his play. As long as Caleb Williams lives up to the hype and is as good as we all know he can be, no one can mention how he acts or what he does. 

#2: The Washington Commanders Select Drake Maye, QB, UNC

The Commanders have a chance to draft their franchise quarterback and should not screw it up. Despite already having a young UNC quarterback on their roster in Sam Howell, Drake Maye is miles better and has the potential to be incredibly special in the NFL. Maye is massive, has a cannon for an arm, and is a quick study of the game.

Maye can adapt to obstacles and already plays like an NFL pocket-passing quarterback who makes the right choices and gets the ball into the hands of his playmakers. While there have been rumors that Jayden Daniels could be taken here, the Commanders choose to take Drake Maye. 

#3: The New England Patriots Select Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU

While the old Patriots would not be caught DEAD making this selection, Jerod Mayo has a new regime and a new team up in Massachusetts. Jayden Daniels is nothing short of electric, as he comes out of college as the reigning Heisman trophy winner. Daniels possesses the traits of the modern NFL quarterback with his elite speed and agility, comparable to Lamar Jackson, and he is by far the best of this draft class.

Given that Mac Jones was shipped off to Jacksonville in a trade earlier this off-season, it makes sense that the Patriots would want to grab a new quarterback for the future who they like and can groom to their liking.

#4: The Arizona Cardinals Select Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, OSU

MHJ is the best wide receiver prospect since Calvin Johnson came out of Georgia Tech. Frankly, Harrison is still here at pick number four because the top three teams were all quarterback-needy, and there was the rare occurrence of three elite quarterback prospects waiting to be picked. But for his game, no part of Harrison's game lacks, as he displays an elite mind for the game, the drive to get better, and the technical skills that general managers drool over the thought of drafting. Also, he always has advice in his corner should he need it. 

#5: The Los Angeles Chargers Select Malik Nabers, WR, LSU

Unfortunately for Nabers, he is in the same draft class as the best wide receiver prospect ever. Luckily for Nabers, the Chargers traded seemingly any decent pass-catcher Justin Herbert had during the off-season. Keenan Williams, Mike Williams, and Austin Ekeler are all gone, leaving Justin Herbert to throw to Quentin Johnston and Josh Palmer.

Johnston was a significant disappointment, as he had a massive issue with drops and could never really seem to get open. Herbert needs help, and the pick seems evident, given that Nabers is still on the board. This is only if the Chargers don't end up trading the pick, as it looks likely they could move the pick for a haul to a team interested in JJ McCarthy or a high-end receiver. 


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