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How The Maple Leafs Just Caught A Gigantic Break 

The Maple Leafs advanced for the first time since 2004 and did it by beating the Tampa Bay Lighting, who went to three straight Stanley Cups and won two of them.

The Leafs finally got the monkey off their back, and we all thought they would be staring at the Boston Bruins in the second round. The Bruins might have been the best regular season team in the history of the NHL, but there is only one problem they lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Florida Panthers in Game Seven Sunday night.

It’s Now Time For The Leafs To Shine

The Leaf’s caught a huge break in that they don’t have to see the Bruins; instead, they get to see the eighth-seed Panthers. There was a great chance that Toronto would’ve been spanked by the Bruins but now it seems like the Leafs have some life.

Toronto will be favored to beat the Panthers, and if they can get past them, they could be staring down the Carolina Hurricanes, who are probably now the favorite to win the east.

Getting past the first round was a major success, but Leaf’s fans want more, and this team is way too talented to not make it to the next round.

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Toronto is the best hockey city in the world, and it’s time to put the city on notice for the entire world to see.

The NHL is always better when the Leafs are rolling, and this could be the season that we finally get to see them play late into May and maybe even get to see them playing for the Cup.



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