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How The Jim Harbaugh Suspension Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Ryan Day

Michigan has been able to top the Buckeyes the last two years, and Ohio State's head coach, Ryan Day, is under tremendous pressure to ensure that Ohio State doesn't lose three straight games to Michigan.

Ohio State has not dropped three straight games to Michigan since the mid to late 90s, and the two previous head coaches, Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer had a combined record of 16-1 against the Wolverines.

If the pressure wasn't big enough for Ryan Day, it got even bigger when he found out that Jim Harbaugh will not be on the sidelines when they face each other.

Day Is Under More Pressure

Losing to Michigan with Harbaugh stinks, but it's not the end of the world. Harbaugh has proven that he is a better coach than Day. Michigan has an excellent football team, and there is a reason why they're favored to win the National Championship.

However, without Harbaugh on the sidelines, there is now a clear coaching advantage for Ohio State, and if Day fails to pick up the win, it is going to be an epic disaster for him.

Losing three straight to Michigan is terrible enough, but having one of those losses be against interim head coach Sherrone Moore will be laughable.

I understand that Michigan has a great team, but Ohio State has one, too, and I can even make the case that Ohio State has the better athletes and players.

Day has a 1-2 record against Michigan, and his only win came back in 2019, which seems like a long time ago. There is no excuse this year for Ohio State not to win the game.

Michigan is down their head coach, their entire cheating operation is getting blown up along with their program, and Ohio State can deliver the ultimate blow with a win next weekend.

If things do not go the Buckeyes way, you must start asking questions about Day and the program.

Day is not getting fired; he should be far from the hot seat. He is still one of the best coaches in college football, but Michigan might own him, and that's something he will need to figure out over the next few seasons.

Day has the chance to get this monkey off his back now, and he was granted a few favors, but at the same time, those favors could turn into his worst nightmare if he fails to pick up a win for the third straight season.

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