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How New England's Newest WRs Are Perfect For Drake Maye

New England fans should be very excited about the future of this football team, which has seven new offensive players after the 2024 NFL Draft. However, this article focuses on enlightening people who may not know that Ja'Lynn Polk and Javon Baker's skill sets are actually a fantastic fit for new Quarterback Drake Maye.

Drake Maye's Strengths Are Aided By What The WRs Do Well

One of Drake Maye's best attributes coming out of college is his ability to attack the middle of the field. Scouts have said he is one of the best between the numbers passers they have seen in years.

Ja'Lynn Polk is a solid route runner who dominates the catch point. Polk can win against man and zone coverages, but he does his best work coming across the field winning the ball, and then creating YAC from there.

Javon Baker is a DAWG; he has great game speed but isn't a burner. His game is about winning his matchup and turning any play into a significant gain. Baker is extremely tough to bring down once he has the ball. Javon can win on the outside but can dominate playing the X, working to the other side of the field.

Polk & Baker Could Erase Maye's Weaknesses

One of Drake Maye's most significant weaknesses as a prospect is his accuracy, which could be improved as he develops into the Franchise Quarterback we all want him to be. So, how do the Patriots try to help with that issue?

They get two WRs with some of the largest catch radii in this draft after the top three prospects were off the board in Polk and Baker. Both players excel at owning their air space, winning at the catch-point, and creating a larger window for the QB to throw in.

Many fans were upset that Polk and Baker aren't burners, but that doesn't mean that they are slow; plenty of receivers have been successful with 4.5 40 speed and hopefully so will both the guys New England have drafted in 2024. These guys believe in themselvs and bring a much needed swagger to the new era in Foxboro.

End Of Rant

I can't say for sure that Maye, Baker, and Polk will turn out to be stud players but I believe they can be. They bring an excitement and attitude to this offense that feels like its had neither since Cam Newton was here.

Call me crazy but I think a certin level of swagger and personality are needed to play either WR or QB and these guys have those in spades. Polk and Baker aren't the flashy additions but they are actually really good fits for how Drake Maye plays.

Both play really well to the middle of the field and increase the catch radius which decreases the disadvantage of Maye's early career accuracy. Playing to the new QB's strengths and trying to negate his weaknesses is a great way to help him develop.

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