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How Green Bay Packers Can Get Back On Track

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

After decades of Hall-Of-Fame quarterback play, two Super Bowl championships, and many winning seasons, its hard to imagine any Packers fans who are happy with the state of the team. After starting the season 2-1, Green Bay has lost two straight while looking very unorganized and the offense has struggled a lot.

How do the Green Bay Packers get back on track after the bye week? Here are three things that need to happen for the team to play better football in 2023.

1. Utilize Aaron Jones

In the 38-20 Week One win at Chicago Bears, the Green Bay Packers offense was clicking because of Aaron Jones. While he only had nine carries for 41 yards, he had 86 receiving yards and two total touchdowns in the win. In that game, he injured his hamstring, which has affected his availability in the past few weeks.

He missed the loss at Atlanta and the win versus New Orleans but returned for the blowout loss versus Detroit. But in that game, he was only used five times and you could tell he was not 100%. Although he missed the loss at Las Vegas, he should be able to return versus the Denver Broncos as he is crucial for the offense to succeed.

But when he is healthy, Jones has not been used much in the past. Many fans have complained for his lack of carries, especially last season where many red zone play calls led to unsuccessful pass attempts instead of Jones getting the ball. Hopefully, Coach LaFleur can give Jones his share of carries in Week 7.

2. Offensive Line Needs To Play Better

Green Bay in recent years has been known for having an elite offensive line. But after losing star tackle David Bakhtiari for the season and an injury to Elgton Jenkins, the latter returned in the Raiders game, it has been a struggle. While Love has only been sacked 10 times, he has been pressured a lot and the offensive line has been called for many flags.

Offensive line play is fundamental to both the passing and rushing game as both need to go well for things to click. If the line holds, Love will not have to rush out of the pocket and force throws to receivers who are not open.

3. Love Needs To Feel Comfortable

Going along with number two, it is very important Jordan Love feels comfortable in the offense. Some may argue Matt LaFleur has not had a great start to the year play calling and as mentioned before, this has led to Love forcing throws that he should not. For example, his second interception was a quick throw to a receiver, who was not open. The ball bounced off the defender's arm and fell into Robert Spillane's hands.

The third and game-sealing interception, Love almost got sacked, scrambled out, and threw into the back of the end zone, where it was picked by Amik Robertson. Love trusted that 6"4 Watson could make the catch over small Robertson, but the underthrown ball did not reach number nine.

All things revolve around QB1 and Love has the tools to be an elite quarterback in the NFL. He just needs to feel comfortable and with some changes, he can.


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