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How Good Are The Miami Dolphins in Madden 23?

The much-anticipated Madden 23 video game was released this past week. Have the Miami Dolphins improved in the game from the previous year?

Speed is an NFL coach’s best friend, and the same goes for the computer-generated coach Mike McDaniel in EA’s Madden NFL 23. The Miami Dolphin’s revamped roster comes in at an 83 overall, up a solid four points from last year’s release. It’s evident the additions of Tyreek Hill and Terron Armstead have given the Dolphins leaders on and off the field in real life, but now they’re making them much more competitive on the electronic simulated gridiron.

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Are The Miami Dolphins Good In Madden 23?

With EA’s new defensive adjustments in Madden 23, running the ever popular crossing routes is a bit more difficult than it would have been in the past, even with the South Beach speedsters. The Dolphin’s offense has four players with a speed rating 95 or higher. Hill comes in at 99, the fastest, which is fitting. Jaylen Waddle comes in second with a respectable 97 speed rating after showing off his burners his rookie year. Raheem Mostert is the third offensive player rated at a 95 in the speed department.

The big surprise is that fifth-year cornerback Keion Crossen also got a 95-speed rating. Not taking anything away from Crossen, but Raheem Mostert logged the second fastest run since 2016 on the playing field at 23.09 mph, so Crossen must have a fan in the EA development department. Most would have been able to list the top three, though order could vary depending on who you asked. I would take out a pretty hefty bet that very few had Crossen at fourth fastest on the team.

Does The Miami Dolphins Offensive Playbook Do Mike McDaniel’s Offense Justice?

The Dolphins’ playbook is now the Dolphins West Coast Offense, and it really is a breath of fresh air from the playbooks of seasons past. There is a plethora of misdirection run plays to choose from, and a vast selection of play action plays to hammer after your opponent starts filling the box to stop the run.

I think it would be inaccurate to say that the game captures all the intricacies of the Mike McDaniel scheme, but there is a lot to choose from, a plenty of plays that offer multiple routes to choose from. This is beneficial this year as pocket passing is much more efficient than trying to scramble for yardage. Another breath of fresh air after previous releases had most players choosing a quarterback and repetitively spamming bootlegs to take advantage of coverage bugs.

Whether you’re playing with the Miami Dolphins or any of the other 31 NFL teams, trying to move your quarterback outside of the tackles on a pocket passing play will result in a sack or very short gain. Playing with the Miami Dolphins in franchise mode offers the most realistic experience for what may come this season.

With updated rosters, all players that appear on your depth chart should be the starters at their position in real life. If you start your franchise today, you can go nab Odell Beckham Jr from free agency, if you can convince him to sign. EA implemented trade factors to this year’s game to better simulate free agency. Factors like no state income tax, wanting to play for a Super Bowl contender, and playing close to their hometown are all things taken into consideration when signing.

How Does The Dolphins Run Game Look?

Just like on paper, the Dolphins run game looks to be improved from last season which has to be the case for one the league’s worst lines in football. The play schemes may deserve some credit in this, but adding Armstead and Connor Williams definitely improved the video game version of the Miami Dolphins. If you can get Chase Edmonds or Raheem Mostert outside on the edge, you’re going to get a chunk gain nine times out of ten.

Another similarity between the real-life Miami Dolphins and the computer simulated game is Mike Gesicki is a liability when it comes to run blocking in the trenches. I still believe it’s too early to tell if he has a place in the offense, but he gets blown up by defensive ends and trying to run the outside zone results in a tackle for a loss. That is bad news for Gesicki supporters who hope to see him get a contract extension after playing this year on the tight end franchise tag.

However, having Alec Ingold is an absolute delight on Madden 23. A true full back who can lead the way on third and short, or any down for that matter, is an upside in this years version of the game. The developers put an increased focus on rushing between the tackles, so having Ingold to seal off linebackers will help any Madden player increase their yards per carry.

Is It The Best Madden In Years?

For the Miami Dolphins, Madden 23 is the best Madden game in years. Subjectively, it’s the most complete Madden on release in years. There aren’t a lot of noticeable bugs that make you want to throw your controller through your TV. You’re not constantly forced to get outside of the pocket because the offensive line holds up at least long enough for you to expand your play calls to some deeper pass plays. Whether you’re playing with the Miami Dolphins or any of the other 31 NFL teams, trying to move your quarterback outside of the tackles on a pocket passing play will result in a sack or very short gain.

It could be that the Dolphins fictional abilities are increasing my expectations of their real life on-field performances, but the team on Madden 23 is a lot of fun to play with, and really, really fast. All of my gameplay was experienced on the Playstation 5, but if you’re one of the two “Next Gen” consoles, you should be able to enjoy all of the features Madden 23 has to offer such as the improved passing mechanic, FieldSense, and gang tackling.

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