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How Can The Raiders Boost The Secondary?

Raiders fans learned the hard way how important depth in the secondary is last season. After losing Trayvon Mullen early and Abram late the former staff had to do some patchwork to keep them afloat. With a new coaching regime, scheme, and expired contracts the Raiders have to bolster the secondary. They were rumored to have interest in Stephon Gilmore but that ship has sailed to Indy. So how can the Raiders boost the secondary before the start of next season?

James Bradberry

Bradberry is en route to one of the largest cap hits for a corner this next season and the Giants are looking to trade him. While he didn’t perform to the same degree last season as he did when he earned that contract he is still a great player. Having him and Trayvon Mullen at CB1 and CB2 would certainly bolster the corner position.

While Bradberry is set to have a large-cap hit the rumor mill has been churning about the Giants releasing the cornerback. If this were to happen the Raiders HAVE to be on the line. Heading into his age 29 season he wouldn’t require a large deal and can still play. His experience in Graham’s scheme is also a huge plus in bringing him in.

Tyrann Mathieu

This is a long shot with Tyrann likely wanting a large contract but he is still on the market. The Raiders also lack a household name in the secondary. Mathieu also brings a lot of versatility to the defense. His skillset would allow Graham to have a field day with opposing offenses and their game plan.

Mathieu is nearing the end of his prime but hasn’t shown much slowing down and seems to have a vendetta against the Chiefs and their fans. What better way to ‘stick it’ to them than signing with the Raiders.


The most likely way the Raiders build up the secondary is through the draft. Sure they don’t have a first or second, but there are a number of players who have succeeded outside of the first two rounds. Not to mention the Raiders could simply trade up. The former front office certainly did and this staff seems to not be scared of making the ‘big move’.

As of now, the Raiders have a third, a fourth, two fifths, and a seventh. With plenty of draft capital to move around the board and players that are near the bottom of the depth chart, they could make a move to the second if they see someone that would make an instant impact.



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