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Here's Why Aaron Rodgers Is A Dark Horse Candidate For MVP

Aaron Rodgers is known as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to touch a football. The future Hall of Famer has had a storied career throwing for 59,055 yards, 475 touchdowns, only 105 interceptions, and a passer rating of 103.6. With four Most Valuable Player awards and a Super Bowl victory to his name, there is no doubt Rodgers will be wearing a gold jacket one day.

With the former Packers and current Jets quarterback turning 41 this year, many have questioned whether he will call it a career. Nonetheless, Rodgers has stated he wants to play multiple years, even until he is 45.

After tearing his Achilles and only playing a few snaps in 2023, it will hopefully be a bounce-back season for one of the NFL's most famous players. Despite a potential political career, Aaron Rodgers is a dark horse candidate for the MVP award in 2024. Here's why.

Aaron Rodgers Is A Dark Horse MVP Candidate

Aaron Rodgers winning Most Valuable Player is nothing new. He recently won back-to-back honors in 2020 and 2021 when he threw for a combined 85 touchdowns to nine interceptions.

After a down-year in 2022 throwing for 25 touchdowns and 12 interceptions, (which would be a career year for some quarterbacks in the NFL), and the injury-plagued 2023 season, many have dropped Rodgers out of their top ten quarterbacks list.

So why should the Jets star be a dark horse MVP candidate? Here are five reasons why you should not look down on the four-time MVP winner.

  1. Before his injury, he played at a high level, even with an inexperienced group of wide receivers. In New York, Rodgers will get to throw to Garrett Wilson and Mike Williams, two very good receivers when healthy, and the Jets will have an improved offensive line.

  2. If there is one thing that the Jets are good at, it is playing defense. With arguably the best defense Rodgers has ever had, the offense should have more chances to score with excellent field position.

  3. Rodgers is happy in New York. He has stated how much he loves being a Jet and has participated in OTAs both years in the Big Apple, something he did not do during his final years as a Packer. His participation in OTAs will help him connect with his teammates.

  4. There should be many high-scoring games this season. With matchups against the Bills, Dolphins, Texans, and 49ers, the Jets will have to go pass-heavy if the game starts to go the other way. This should allow Rodgers to throw more, make big plays, and boost his resume.

  5. 2023 was a down year for quarterback play. Only four quarterbacks threw for 30 or more touchdown passes, and 15 quarterbacks threw ten or more interceptions. If this upcoming season is similar, Rodgers should have a good shot at winning MVP if he can return to form, especially with his impressive touchdown to interception ratio.

Rodgers' Could Be 'M-VP'

On the political landscape, Aaron Rodgers has been rumored as a choice for third-party political candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s running mate. A friend of the Independent politician, Rodgers, has had conversations with the 70-year-old, who shares similar political views. However, the NFL star realized that becoming a politician meant ending his football career, which he was not ready to do.

At a Jets press conference, Rodgers said he had two options. The first was to keep playing football in the NFL. The other was to run with RFK Jr. as his vice president. Rodgers said, "I want to keep playing."

While the door has closed on a political career in 2024, Rodgers could eventually become a politician. That is why Aaron Rodgers is a dark horse 'M-VP, the VP standing for vice-president.

With an upcoming election, the next four years will be uncertain. But if Rodgers were ever to win a job in the White House, he would not be the first former Packer to do so. Former President Gerald Ford turned down an offer from Green Bay, opting for law school instead.

Most people, especially Jets and Packers fans, are happy and excited that Rodgers will keep playing football in 2024. Many are rooting for the legendary quarterback to win one more Super Bowl and ride off into the sunset.

Barring any setbacks, Rodgers and the Jets will make their season debut against the San Francisco 49ers on September 9th in what could be one of the best games of the season.

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