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Heartbreaking Warriors Coach Passes Away Left An Impact On So Many

On Wednesday, Golden State Warriors assistant coach DEJAN MILOJEVIĆ died at 46. 

Milojević joined the Warriors coaching staff in 2021 after spending time as a coach in Europe, and while he was in Europe, he worked with Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokić. 

Jokic played under Milojević at KK Mega Basket in Serbia, and he helped put Jokic on the path to get him to the NBA; he turned out to be a two-time MVP and an NBA champion. 

You can tell that Milojević' has impacted many, especially European players. He was so highly thought of as a coach that the Warriors wanted him as an assistant with no NBA or United States coaching experience. 

Warriors center Kevon Looney has credited Milojević many times and talked about how he helped him become a better rebounder, how to work around the basket, and making him a better player. 

Milojević's death is just heartbreaking, and basketball shouldn't be on the mind of anybody in the organization at the moment. Some things are more significant than sports, and I'm hoping the NBA lets the Warriors have as much time as possible before they have to resume basketball activities. 

The Warriors just lost a coach, mentor, friend, and great human, and the rest of this season should be dedicated to their assistant coach who has impacted their lives over the last three years. 

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