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He's A Maniac, Maniac On The Field

Shaquille Darius Leonard, also known as "The Maniac," is a highly skilled and determined linebacker in the league. Shaq is known for his unwavering determination, as well as his impressive turnover abilities and heart. Although he had been struggling with a persistent Sciatic nerve issue and a concussion, he managed to clear the concussion protocol on September 6th and play in the Colts season opener.

The Early Years:

On July 27, 1995, Shaquille Leonard was born in Lake View, South Carolina. He was raised in a family that supported him in any endeavors and loved football. Despite his natural talent, Shaquille faced several obstacles on his path to the NFL. Although he was a Clemson fan, he was not recruited by the school after high school. Instead, he played college football at South Carolina State, an HBCU, where players often don't receive as much attention from scouts as those in FBS or Power 5 schools. However, his impressive performances at the collegiate level did not go unnoticed, and he eventually entered the 2018 NFL Draft.

Drafted by the Indianapolis Colts

In the 2018 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts selected Darius Leonard in the second round, 36th overall. Which at the time was said to be “the worst second-round pick ever.”As soon as he set foot on the field, he left a lasting impression. His first year as a rookie was exceptional, with him leading the league in tackles and winning the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year prize. Leonard's talent for understanding plays, executing tackles, and generating turnovers was genuinely outstanding.

The Maniac:

Leonard has earned the nickname "The Maniac" due to his fierce playing style and unwavering determination on the field. He brings an unparalleled level of ferocity and focus to every game, even by NFL standards. His fearlessness and commitment are admired by fans and teammates alike. Leonard is well-known for his ability to generate turnovers and move quickly across the field. Despite not generating any turnovers this week, Leonard showed promise in his return to the field after a long absence.

Off the Field:

Although Leonard is known for his intense performance on the field, he demonstrates humility and a solid commitment to making a positive impact in the community outside of it. Shaquille has been actively involved in various charitable initiatives since his time at South Carolina State where he was a member of Omega Psi Phi. He mentors youth and advocates for social justice causes, displaying his dedication to giving back and reflecting his strong character and values. He has his own charity called The Maniac Foundation, which aims to improve communities through education, wellness, and assisting families in need with various charitable causes.

Injuries and Comebacks:

Darius Leonard, like many NFL players, has faced injuries. However, what sets him apart is his resilience and ability to come back stronger each time. Overcoming injuries is an important part of an NFL player's journey, and Leonard's determination to return to the field has inspired fans and teammates. Shaquille has been dealing with sciatic nerve pain and a concussion recently. Sciatica causes a sharp and shooting pain that travels along the longest nerve in the human body, the sciatic nerve, which extends from the lower back to the legs. The pain can be mild or severe and may also result in numbness, tingling, or weakness in the affected leg. However, after undergoing two surgeries and consulting with Jeff Saturday, Shaquille has resolved these issues.

It's worth noting that he has fully recovered from a concussion that he sustained last year, which had previously caused some setbacks. Last Wednesday, Shaquille was able to clear the concussion protocol, and on Sunday, he looked very much like the player we were accustomed to seeing. He was on the field for sixty snaps and managed to make eight total tackles, which placed him second on the team in terms of total tackles. In my opinion, this is an excellent way to get back on track after dealing with those injuries. This is just the beginning of a major comeback from a minor setback.

He's Back!!

I'm thrilled to announce that the captain of our defense has returned! He's my favorite player on the team and I absolutely loved seeing him back in action. His story is truly inspiring and it's impossible not to root for him. Not only is he a phenomenal player, but he's also a devoted husband, father, and all-around great guy. ... And he's dancing like he never danced before!


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