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Have The MLB City Connect Jerseys Been Successful?

Major League Baseball introduced the City Connect jerseys in 2021, but few jersey concepts have received positive reviews. But have any of the alternate uniforms been successful? Let's take a look.

The New Minnesota Twins City Connect Jerseys

I am not a Twins fan, so I'm not the target audience for these threads. However, according to social media, the response has not been great.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for MLB regarding the City Connects. Honestly, only a couple come to mind that seem to be widely liked by fans from across the league: The Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox. The rest seem to fall into the category of either 'meh' or 'terrible, ' with most falling into the latter. Look at the Pirates, Phillies, and Rangers, to name a few. This begs the question: Has the City Connect program succeeded thus far?

Are The Jerseys Successful?

It's no secret that Nike and the MLB's main reason for making new alternates is money. They get to pump out new jerseys for every team over the span of a few years and rake in the dough. However, I'm not really concerned with how much money a couple of billion-dollar corporations have made. I'm mainly focusing on whether it's been a success for the fans.

It's hard for me to consider it successful if most jerseys are disliked. Four teams even made changes to theirs after public outcry from their fans. The Diamondbacks changed the color of their pants from white to tan. The Rockies and Orioles both changed their pants from green and black, respectively, to white. And the Dodgers made multiple changes to theirs.

The original City Connects were all blue and had 'Los Dodgers' on both the jersey and hat. They changed the pants to white and returned the original LA logo on the hats. At this point, it essentially looks like a Hispanic Heritage Night jersey. The Dodgers' second set of Connect jerseys has already "leaked" to, well, let's just say, mixed reviews.

Again, it is hard for me to call the City Connect jerseys, as a whole, successful when the bar seems to be just pretty low. The Yankees and A's are looking smart for opting out from the beginning. It's not like the A's had much choice, though. But that is just one cynical fan's opinion. Do you think the City Connect jerseys have been a league-wide success? Have you bought one from your team?

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