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Hard Knocks In The Motor City

In third grade, my teacher assigned me a project to become an expert in the state of Michigan. Each student had to make a poster with important state information and a one-page essay answering a list of questions about our findings. I chose Michigan, but it feels like Michigan chose me.

Since that day, I have become obsessed with Detroit sports teams. It feels like I am committing a sin against my city, but I don’t care. It’s a feeling I cannot describe to anyone; you just have to experience it for yourself.

This summer, you will have the chance to see what I am talking about.

Hard Knocks this summer will be starring the Detroit Lions. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 28, 2022

The Detroit Lions will be featured on Hard Knocks this August. HBO travels to Ford Field with hopes to shine a light on Campbell’s crew. The team has gone through many changes over the past few seasons. It is nice to gain exposure on a national platform. 

Who Are The Detroit Lions?

Being a misfit Lions fan in New England has its disadvantages. For example, I walked into work wearing a lions shirt and was laughed at by a co-worker who followed with, “Why do you like that trash franchise?” If he only knew what I do…

The Lions are a franchise that is always a few steps behind the eight-ball. When things are looking up, something seems like something brings them back down to the bottom of the NFL food chain. Yet, they reigned supreme at the league’s genesis with their GOAT controlling the offense.

Bobby Layne was Tom Brady before it was cool to eat avocado ice cream. He partied like a rockstar off the field, leading to his eventual departure, but gave the team four championships during his tenure. Then, the Lions traded him to the Steelers, to which Layne responded publicly, saying that the team would never win a championship again.

Can Campbell Prove Him Wrong?

After those words left his mouth, the Lions became a door-mat to the rest of the league. Even drafting two Hall of Famers could not earn them more than two playoff wins in over 30 years! However, things are different with a new sheriff in town.

Dan Campbell brings something to the organization that has been missing, hope. His no-nonsense coaching style shakes up how things were being run in previous administrations. The team won three games last season but did not give up until the clock struck zero. Campbell brings the best out of his players; something Patricia miserably failed at doing.

Campbell has a great team around him. Brad Holmes, the general manager, fits into this overhaul. He shares the vision of Campbell and the Fords regarding the organization’s future. The best teams are the most prepared.

What To Expect On Hard Knocks?

I could write a sonnet about the Detroit Lions and every thought that comes to mind about them. But, hard Knocks will do that for me as this season of Hard Knocks will be must-watch television.

Fans have watched press conferences where Coach Campbell talks about biting off knee caps and drinking a gallon of iced coffee every day. HBO needs to highlight this type of personality with Campbell and the entire organization. There is a lot of character on the team but limited eyes to witness it.

Friday Night Lights captivated viewers for years, even with its availability on streaming services. There is a lot of Coach Taylor in Dan Campbell. Both coach with the same intensity and passion for the game.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. You can’t miss this season of Hard Knocks.

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