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Green Bay Packers 2024 Game-By-Game Record Predictions

The Green Bay Packers 2024 regular season schedule has been released, and with free agency and the NFL Draft over, it's time to start planning for September.

This could be a big season ahead with Super Bowl expectations and a potential breakout season from young quarterback Jordan Love. Will Jeff Hafley get the most out of the talented Packers' defense? And will Green Bay stay afloat in the tough NFC North?

I will be making my 2024 unbiased Green Bay Packers record predictions. With a tough schedule and the rest of the division improving in different ways, it will not be a walk in the park. I will explain in-depth, game-by-game, why the Packers will win or lose and give my final record prediction. Let's get right into it!

2024 Green Bay Packers Regular Season Schedule & Record Predictions

Jordan Love

2024 Strength Of Schedule: .526

ESPN Bet Projected Win Total: 9.5

*ESPN BET projected win total is next to opponent name*

Packers 2023 Record: 9-8

Home: 5-3

Away: 4-5

Division Record: 4-2

Week One: At Philadelphia Eagles (10.5)

Week One: At Philadelphia Eagles

Result: Packers 24, Eagles 27

Record: 0-1

The Packers will play the Eagles on the road in Brazil instead of Philadelphia. While that will be an advantage for Green Bay, it will still be a tough challenge for Jeff Hafley's defense. The Eagles are victorious in Week One for the eighth time in nine years.

Week Two: Vs. Indianapolis Colts (8.5)

Week Two: Vs. Indianapolis Colts

Result: Colts 17, Packers 23

Record: 1-1

A bounce-back game at home against quarterback Anthony Richardson, who will be making his sixth career start and his first appearance at Lambeau Field. It will be a close and fun game, but Green Bay gets their first win of the season.

Week Three: At Tennessee Titans (6.5)

Week Three: Tennessee Titans

Result: Packers 30, Titans 20

Record: 2-1

Tennessee has troubled Green Bay in the past, but 2024 will be the year that the Packers take down the Titans in Nashville. This has never happened before, as the last time Green Bay beat this team on the road was in 1992 in Houston against the Oilers.

Week Four: Vs. Minnesota Vikings (6.5)

Week Four: Minnesota Vikings

Result: Vikings 23, Packers 20 Record: 2-2

The Vikings could play either rookie quarterback J.J. McCarthy or veteran Sam Darnold. No matter who is behind center, Minnesota usually challenges Green Bay at home every year, and this feels like a trap game.

Week Five: At Los Angeles Rams (8.5)

Week Five: Los Angeles Rams

Result: Packers 27, Rams 23

Record: 3-2

The Packers have been very successful recently against the L.A. Rams. The Pack have won four straight against the Rams since 2021. Green Bay wins a close one in the 100th all-time meeting between these two teams.

Week Six: Vs. Arizona Cardinals (6.5)

Week Six: Arizona Cardinals

Result: Cardinals 13, Packers 27

Record: 4-2

While Kyler Murray and the Cardinals could surprise with a playoff push this year, the Packers should easily take care of business at home against a team with eight wins in the past two seasons.

Week Seven: Vs. Houston Texans (9.5)

Week Seven: Houston Texans

Result: Texans 35, Packers 31

Record: 4-3

The Texans and Packers should be a primetime game, but instead, both teams will duel it out at noon local time. C.J. Stroud and Jordan Love will make it a shootout, and the quarterback with the ball last will win.

Week Eight: At Jacksonville Jaguars (8.5)

Week Eight: Jacksonville Jaguars

Result: Packers 17, Jaguars 31

Record: 4-4

Green Bay has not been good in the state of Florida. With a tough test against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who had a down year but will be hungry to get back into the playoffs, it will be a second-straight loss for the Packers.

Week Nine: Vs. Detroit Lions (10.5)

Week Nine: Detroit Lions

Result: Lions 23, Packers 24

Record: 5-4

The Packers avoid losing a third-straight game with an upset win over the Detroit Lions. The Lions have succeeded in Green Bay in recent years, but hopefully, the Gold Package crowd will show up and make it loud.

Week 10: BYE Week

Week 10: BYE Week

The Packers get their bye week at Week 10, which is extra special this year as it will be right after the Week Nine trade deadline. This season, the deadline was extended by a week from its usual Week Eight spot. This will allow whoever the team trades for to have a week to learn the system and adjust.

At the bye week, the Packers' 5-4 record may surprise some, especially with how brutal the upcoming schedule is. But as we saw last year, when the team rallied back from a record of 3-6 around this time, a slow start does not dictate a season. The bye week could not come at a more perfect time for Green Bay.

Week 11: At Chicago Bears (8.5)

Week 11: Chicago Bears

Result: Packers 25, Bears 18

Record: 6-4

The Chicago Bears might be the most improved team in the NFL this season, but it will all depend on how well first-overall pick quarterback Caleb Williams performs. Nonetheless, the Packers take care of business in Chicago.

Week 12: Vs. San Francisco 49ers (11.5)

Week 12: San Francisco 49ers

Result: 49ers 35, Packers 23

Record: 6-5

The Packers' most challenging game on paper, the 49ers have been Green Bay's kryptonite in recent years, including ending the team's season last year. The defending NFC Champions will give the Packers heartbreak once again in 2024.

Week 13: Vs. Miami Dolphins (9.5)

Week 13: Miami Dolphins

Result: Dolphins 23, Packers 31 Record: 7-5

The Miami Dolphins will once again play the Green Bay Packers on a holiday. After Green Bay took down Miami on Christmas 2022 down south in Florida, the Dolphins will travel to Lambeau Field for Thanksgiving 2024. The home team will win this time around.

Week 14: At Detroit Lions (10.5)

Week 14: Detroit Lions

Result: Packers 24, Lions 28 Record: 7-6

It's another meeting against the Detroit Lions. While the Packers won in Detroit last year, this time, the Lions hold off Love and the Packers on a Thursday night.

Week 15: At Seattle Seahawks (7.5)

Week 15: Seattle Seahawks

Result: Packers 26, Seahawks 17

Record: 8-6

It is always hard to win in Seattle, especially for the Packers. It's also hard to predict how the Seahawks will do this season, as they finished 9-8 and missed the playoffs. Some could see the team improve or even decline. The Packers are the better team here, so they avoid the trap game.

Week 16: Vs. New Orleans Saints (7.5)

Week 16: New Orleans Saints

Result: Saints 13, Packers 17

Record: 9-6

The Packers won a very close 18-17 game in Week Three of last season because New Orleans missed a late field goal. This game could be close again, as both defenses have a good day, but the Packers hold on for another win.

Week 17: At Minnesota Vikings (6.5)

Week 17: Minnesota Vikings

Result: Packers 28, Vikings 20

Record: 10-6

This will be the fourth straight year these two teams meet during Week 17. The Packers will look to make it four consecutive wins in that span after last year's thrilling New Year's Eve game in Minnesota.

Week 18: Vs. Chicago Bears (8.5)

Week 18: Chicago Bears

Result: Bears 17, Packers 19

Record: 11-6

In my prediction, the Bears will be 9-7, and the Packers will be 10-6. In reality, this game would be for second place in the NFC North and potentially a win-or-go-home game. Chicago will go another year without beating the Green Bay Packers.

Final Record Prediction: 11-6 - 2nd NFC North #5 Seed

Home: 6-3

Away: 5-3

Divisional: 4-2

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