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Grant Wahl: Longtime Soccer Columnist Has Died Suddenly

Grant Wahl passed away on Friday while covering the quarterfinal between Argentina and the Netherlands at the 2022 World Cup in Doha, Qatar.

Nature Of His Death

NPR correspondent Tom Goldman heard a disturbance in the press box at Lusail Stadium as the game was coming to a close. Wahl fell as the media dispersed. He was in the dining area when paramedics arrived and started CPR. After many minutes, they removed him on a stretcher while doing CPR with an automatic chest compressor.

Both Wahl’s wife and brother gave NPR confirmation of his passing. He was 48.

Grant Wahl’s Death Comes At Suspicious Time

Grant Wahl frequently appeared on NPR to talk about the nuances of soccer and his passion for the game. Wahl was refused entry into a World Cup stadium in Qatar in November due to the fact that he was sporting a rainbow t-shirt, as NPR previously reported.

Wahl claimed that a stadium security guard rejected him, “You need to switch out your shirt. It’s not permitted.” Wahl claimed he was briefly imprisoned. Since being chosen to host the event in 2010, Qatar has drawn much controversy.

Qatar’s record on human rights has come under harsh criticism in the months leading up the tournament. Additionally, since the tournament’s start last month, the Persian Gulf nation’s laws forbidding same-sex relationships have taken center stage. In Qatar, it is against the law and is a jailable offense. FIFA stepped in and warned the players with yellow cards after numerous European team captains announced they would wear unique rainbow armbands.

Throughout the competition, Wahl had been critical of FIFA and Qatar. Eric Wahl stated in an interview with NPR that his brother didn’t hold back in bringing up the World Cup topic, saying, “He was quite critical of FIFA – which is not new for him and very critical how the Qataris were conducting the games.”

Because of the rainbow jersey and his ongoing reporting on FIFA and the Qatari government, Eric Wahl claimed that while his brother was in Qatar, he had received death threats.

In a tweet, U.S. Soccer highlighted Wahl’s passing and expressed its sorrow. Grant’s love of soccer and dedication to raising its profile across our athletic landscape “had a vital part in helping to foster interest in and respect for our beautiful game,” according to the report.

Grant Wahl covered soccer events like the World Cup, Women’s World Cup, and numerous European tournaments for Sports Illustrated for many years. In 2020, he and the magazine split, and he started his own business. Additionally, he frequently served as a commentator for Fox Sports and CBS Sports.

While on assignment in Qatar, Wahl fell ill. He claimed that he had attended a clinic on Monday and that the personnel had diagnosed him with bronchitis.

Eric Wahl claimed that his brother was among the most sincere individuals he had ever met. “He only wanted to share his love of soccer with others,” says the statement. “He was especially worried about people whose rights were being abused.”

Little is known about the true nature of Wahl’s death but many speculate that this has something to do with his recent remarks about FIFA and support for LGBTQ rights.


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