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Grading 2024's Electric Edition Of Money In The Bank.

This past Saturday WWE held its annual Money in the Bank Premium Live Event in Toronto Canada. There were not that many matches on the card, five in total. This seems to be a trend Triple H is favoring for his event's favoring less, but more meaningful matches on the main card of a show. Shaving time off long events is something any fan can support.

The night began with the traditional Men's Money in the Bank ladder match. Six men entered the match with the chance to win a contract granting them a championship match at any place, any time for up to a year. The competitors in the match included the megastar LA Knight, Carmelo Hayes, Andrade, Main Event Jey Uso, Chad Gable, and Drew McIntyre.

It was an exciting match from start to finish. The standouts were Andrade, and Hayes as they put on performances that will catch the eye of higher-ups in WWE. Andrade even pulled off a sunset flip powerbomb onto Hayes from one ladder to another that had been laid between the ropes. Neither of those men won the match, but you don't always need to get your hand raised to win in WWE. All the men put on a great show in front of the Canadian fans. After all was said and done and jaws had been dropped, Drew McIntyre stood on top of the ladder as the winner of the Money in the Bank contract. More on that later...

Next on the card was the Intercontinental Championship match between the challenger Bron Breakker and the champion Sami Zayn. Breakker has been on an undeniable run since he joined the main roster, and this was his first opportunity at a major title in WWE. The match began with an impressive display out of Breakker showing why he will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. In typical Sami Zayn fashion, he was able to weather the storm and hang around long enough to overtake the young powerhouse and retain his championship.

Bringing us to one of the more interesting matches of the whole event. The World Heavyweight Championship match between the challenger Seth Rollins, and the champion Damien Priest. Seth Rollins has continued to elevate his game throughout his entire career, and ever since he came back from injury it has been more of the same. Seth Rollins arguably looks better now, after his knee surgeries than he had for almost his entire reign as the champion.

What was a pretty standard high-level match for a world title was overshadowed by a missed near-fall attempt. Rollins seemingly had the match won Damien Priest had not moved a muscle, yet the referee stopped the count and did not award Rollins the victory. Massive mistake in the match that left many fans frustrated and confused.

Luckily this was not the moment that will be most remembered from this match. As things progressed the newly crowned Mr. Money in the Bank, Drew McIntyre had made his way down to the ring cashing in his contract and making it a triple threat match instead. This did not go off as McIntyre had planned, however. As he was about to close in on another world championship his bitter rival CM Punk showed up and cost Drew the title yet again. This story continues to get more, and more personal with each chapter. This latest installment is sure to lead to a blood feud to be remembered with what is anticipated to be their first match at SummerSlam in August.

The Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match was scheduled to place next. This match brought up some memories of Money in the Bank matches from the past. Unfortunately, it wasn't always in the best way. This match was brutal from start to finish. Whether they were setting up big spots that were successful and painful in their own right, to some straight-up botches that made already dangerous moves even worse by not executing them properly. Luckily none of the women in this match were seriously injured.

Every woman had their moments in this match, good and bad. Through it all it was an entertaining match, and Chelsea Green had one of the moments of the night. She went from the top of the ladder all the way down through two tables set up ringside. After all was said and done it was Tiffy Time in Toronto, as Tiffany Stratton became Ms. Money in the Bank.

The main event featured a six man tag team match between Bloodline members Jacob Fatu, Toma Tonga, and the new Tribal Chief Solo Sikoa. Against the team of Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, and The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. To say this main event missed the mark is an understatement.

There were moments that sparked interest and got the fans excited, but it was mostly a snooze fest. It ended in the Bloodline winning and taking advantage of the numbers game any way they could. The outcome of this match seemed to be expected, but the performance was sub par considering the talent presented in the match.

Shake’s Take:

I was not overly thrilled with this event. I don’t think it was particularly awful in any sense, but it didn’t really inspire much feeling outside of the McIntyre failed cash in. Seems like Priest was out cold and not able to kick out which made that match have weird afterthoughts too. CM Punk delivers on yet another huge moment at the expense of McIntyre. I have gone on record of not liking Punk in the past, but he has certainly made me a fan again.



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