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Goat House Walk The Mock Bears Drafter Hits Home Runs

The Chicago Bears had a Ryan Poles-like GM during the Goat Houses Walk The Mock, a mock draft among fans. Seth is his name. Here is to you, Seth.

This mock draft was a three-round mock simulation that was as wild and crazy as any typical NFL draft. There were crazy trades for players unheard of and picks that felt like reaches (Seahawks).

Seth acting as Ryan Poles stayed calm and collected; he didn’t force any trades into the first round as six wide receivers came off the board. Once those run-on receivers went off the board, I assume most Chicago Bear fans will get very nervous.

39th – OT Bernhard Raimann, Central Michigan

Nobody knows what Ryan Poles will do to fix the offensive line. Many believe that Ryan Bates (not signed) and Lucas Patrick (signed) are the only answers to that problem.

Poles has vowed to fix the offensive line by any means necessary. Selecting Raimann would be step one. Finding a blocker that can move is a reoccurring thing Poles brings to everybody’s attention. Will Raimann slip? He has only played tackle for two seasons.

Raimann is a pure projection draft pick. By selecting him, the Chicago Bears can find ways to play with their young tackles, Tevin Jenkins and Larry Borom. The best outcome is the left side of the line would be complete for the season.

48th – WR Alec Pierce, Cincinnati

The Goat House (I respect greatly) pegged this as a reach.

Drafting Alec Peirce could be a reach, but the way this mock draft flowed, he would not have been around in the third round. Some other notable players around were:

  1. Nicholas Petit-Frere, OT, Ohio State

  2. Kyler Gordon, CB, Washington

  3. Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota

  4. John Metchie III, WR, Alabama

  5. Calvin Austin III, WR, Memphis

  6. All off-ball linebackers but the top choices

So it is hard to say if this was a reach. Peirce’s pro play comp is Jordy Nelson with wheels. I feel that comp is a bit lazy because they are taller white recievers.

My pro player comp for Alec Peirce is an NFL-built DJ Chark. That is another reason why I like Peirce as much as I do. If you have been following me in the past, you know I was hot and heavy over DJ Chark in 2018 and this offseason.

Chark always needed to add some meat to his bones so he could play 17 games without injury concerns. Peirce is already at that ideal 213 pounds. That’s 15 pounds heavier than Chark.

71st – DB Martin Emerson, Mississippi State

The last pick for the Chicago Bears in this mock draft simulation belongs to Martin Emerson, defensive back, Mississippi State. I like the choice (I don’t love it).

My choice would have been with the tiny guy, Marcus Jones. Seth did the opposite; he went with a great-sized corner with the same attitude as Jones. Nothing wrong with that.

Emerson uses his size to his advantage in every play. He may not have a lot of interceptions, but he doesn’t allow the receiver to catch the ball either. Seth, you did a great job.

He solidified the offensive line, the receiver room, and the defensive back room. The Chicago Bears would only need to focus on depth for the remaining three draft picks.



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