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Giants Offense Needs To Step Up Vs Bengals

Ahead of Sunday’s preseason game against the Bengals, the Giant’s offense has looked poor all camp. For there to be any faith in the squad, the offense needs to put on an outstanding performance.

Giants Offense

On Sunday night, the NY Giants will be playing their only home preseason game this year against the Bengals. The Bengals are coming off a year where they shocked the world and won the AFC before losing in the Super Bowl to the Rams. Weirdly, the current Giants team resembles the Bengals coming into 2021. They both had terrible records the year prior caused by injury and poor play. They both have young QBs who are looking to prove themselves.

The only difference is the offensive firepower of the Bengals was way more substantial heading into the season. The NY Giants will be looking for young guys to perform and their quarterback to finally prove himself. The offense has struggled, to say the least, this training camp. The NY Giants defense has dominated camp, and nothing says that will stop. However, there may be hope if the NY Giants’ starting offense can put together some good drives on Sunday.  

The game on Sunday comes ten days after the Giant’s first preseason game in Foxborough, where the Giants beat the Patriots 23-21. Although the Giants won, the starters on both offense and defense didn’t jump out at all. Daniel Jones led the offense on a good first drive that stalled in the red zone after a Kenny Golladay drop on third down. They had to settle for a field goal, and on their next drive, they had to punt, which ended the night for Jones.

A bad point about the game was that the Giant’s starters were going up against primarily backups on the Patriot’s defense. If your starting group is going up against backups, you are expected to do way better than a field goal and a punt. Unfortunately, the Bengals will likely follow the Patriot’s plan and not play most of their starters. It’s a shame because the Giants want to see what they have against the best possible opposition.

Sounds like the Giants starters will be facing backups again — Dan Duggan (@DDuggan21) August 15, 2022

One silver lining from the game was the emergence of WR Collin Johnson. He caught seven passes for 82 yards. He did have one lousy fumble, which could have ruined his night, but he didn’t let that affect him and kept producing. It shows a lot of trust for new Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll to leave Johnson in the game after that lousy fumble. If Johnson can keep up his play in this week’s game against the Bengals, not only could he make the roster, but he could see his playing time go way up.

Another receiver that was a non-factor in last week’s game was Kenny Golladay. He only caught one pass for six yards. This is becoming all too common for the man who was paid $72 million over four years. The harsh reality for Golladay is that this new regime wasn’t the one who gave him that contract. So if this play continues, he could see his playing time decrease or even be put on the trading block. That’s not what the Giants want. They want him to play lights out, but he has to show something in these games to create any hope in the future.

Some harsh decisions will be made if this Giants offense doesn’t perform early in the season. Again, this coaching staff assumed most of this roster which means it doesn’t have any emotional ties to it. The team will most likely look way different next season if the play doesn’t increase, and the main person who will be gone is Daniel Jones.

It’s time for him to focus on what he was brought in to be finally. The franchise quarterback of the New York Giants begins with being able to lead the starters past the Bengals backups. Backup QB Tyrod Taylor will likely get a lot of snaps Sunday and if he outperforms plays better against the same type of competition, the calls for change will be much louder.



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