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Game Preview: Colts-Jaguars Pitiful and Painstaking Week Two Matchup

The Colts-Jaguars matchup could easily kickstart something special for both teams. Who will take advantage?

This week’s matchup should hold a little bit more meaning. The team will face the organization that not only knocked them out of the playoffs, but did so in a bully type of fashion. The Colts showed up and had some great cardio in last season’s Week Eighteen matchup against a team that shouldn’t have been in the same realm as a team who was looking to lock in a playoff spot. The team is coming off a Week One tie (a loss if you ask any fan) and looking to get back on a winning track, starting this Sunday.

A Familiar Colts Name Changed Jacksonville’s Week One Matchup

Jacksonville’s Week One game with the Washington Commanders resulted in a 28-22 loss by the hands of former Colts quarterback Carson Wentz, who went 27 of 41 with 313 yards, plus four touchdowns and 2 interceptions. This was against a young defense that features the number one overall pick from the 2022 draft, defensive end Travon Walker, who finished the game with a sack and a interception.

The Jaguars definitely gave the Commanders something to fight for, when they took a 22-14 lead at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, the Commanders scored 14 unanswered points with touchdowns by former Cathedral star wide receiver Terry McLaurin and rookie wide receiver Jahan Dotson, which gave them the lead for good. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence showed off his new toy in wide receiver Christian Kirk, but couldn’t find the end zone with him.

TERRY MCSCORIN' 49-YARD TD 🤯 (via @NFL) — B/R Gridiron (@brgridiron) September 11, 2022

Colts Unforgettable Tie With The Texans

The Colts Week One game against the Houston Texans ended in a tie, where both teams walked away with participation trophies and members of each coaching staff received $25 gift cards to Chuck E. Cheese. Well, maybe they didn’t receive those things, but they should have for accepting a tie.

Colts should look to set the tone early and immediately. Set the pace with running back Johnathan Taylor and get players like running back Nyheim Hines and wide receiver Parris Campbell in space, to open the field up. Jacksonville will look to throw the ball over 40 times. So, the Colts should be ready to capitalize on turnovers. The Jacksonville defense is headlined by Walker and defensive end Josh Allen. They will be looking to test the team’s tackles from start to finish.

Who but Jonathan Taylor for our first TD of the year? 📺: CBS — Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) September 11, 2022

Will The Colts Set The Standard In Week Two?

Injuries are apart of the game and one team is more banged up than the other. This game means more to the Colts, than it does to the Jaguars. They will be without Shaquille Leonard, Michael Pittman, Jr., and Alec Pierce. The team is also trotting out a banged up DeForest Buckner and Kenny Moore II. If the Colts lose, fans may start asking for head coach Frank Reich’s firing.

Switching gears, the Jaguars are still in a rebuilding mode and another loss wouldn’t hurt this early in the season. However, on any given Sunday, anything can happen. Will the Colts step up and show their dominance in the AFC South? Will the Jaguars jump-start their claim to the throne by knocking off the preseason divisional favorite again? (Or will they both just play for another participation trophy and a $25 gift card this week? Kidding. ) The latter will be a scary sight to see if it happens this week.

Another AFC South Showdown. #INDvsJAX — Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) September 14, 2022

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