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Freeze Five Is Canceled! Kalen Deboer Hits Recruiting Trail

Many of our stars have recently departed from the team, but the younger players seem to be happy with the new hire. In particular, the wide receivers are enjoying the new offensive strategy and will excel because of it. Not only are wide receivers happy, but this will also benefit the quarterbacks, as their stats will be boosted due to the new offensive system.

Ryan Williams And Company

Kalen Deboer, the new coach of Alabama, has never been able to recruit a top 25 class before, but things are about to change. Recently, the team was able to recruit Ryan Williams, a highly sought-after player who recommitted to us over Auburn, Texas, and Texas A and M. Ryan Williams is just the first of a series of other big-name recruits.

Additionally, Alabama has also secured the commitment of Noah Carter, a 6'4" edge rusher from Peoria, AZ. Deboer has also managed to secure the top-ranked athlete for the 2024 season, Jaylen Mbawke, who has a 100-meter time of 10.46 seconds. Mbawke is expected to be a superstar at the cornerback position for the team. Despite any negative comments from critics, I am confident in this team's future success.

The Transfers

In my previous article, I mentioned that Alabama would work the transfer portal to acquire new players to replenish the team. Turns out, I was right about Germie Bernard and Parker Brailsford. Germie Bernard is a stud wide receiver and Brailsford was the number one inner offensive lineman in the portal, and despite being small, doesn't need to add much weight. He only allowed one sack last year, which is impressive.

Overall, we are in a better position now than we were last year. We also have a transfer quarterback named Austin Mack, who comes from Washington. He is 6'6" tall and weighs 226 pounds, and there is a chance that he might become our next quarterback. We're in good hands.

Roll Tide

I just want to say that we should have a little patience and let things unfold. Ryan Williams might end up becoming our number-one recruiter. I still believe that we have some transfers coming our way before the end of all this. With the pickups we have, I think we can still be a ten-win team. To be honest, even with two losses, I believe we can still make the playoffs. Roll Tide.

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