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Franchise Records: Three Chiefs Looking To Move Up the List

The Chiefs have a long storied history. We currently have several players looking to move up the Franchise record boards. Will they make the leap this year?

The Kansas City Chiefs date way back to 1960 when they were the Dallas Texans in the AFL brought to us by Lamar Hunt. The team was in Dallas for three years before relocating to Kansas City in 1963. The Chiefs were a part of the AFL until 1969. The 1970 season was the first season in the NFL after the merger. The team has had its ups and downs over the years, but they’ve also had their share of superstars as well. Which stars on the current Kansas City Chiefs team are looking to make a splash when it comes to franchise records?

Which Chiefs Could Move Up All-Time Lists In 2022?

Travis Kelce

Tight End Travis Kelce is currently second when it comes to franchise reception yards no matter the position. He has 9,006 career reception yards. I think we can all guess that Tony Gonzalez is number one with 10,940 yards. What is crazy is that Kelce has played just 127 games while Gonzalez played 190 games with the Chiefs. Kelce has his current yards on 704 receptions whereas Gonzalez had 916 receptions to get his yardage with the Chiefs.

When it comes to reception touchdowns Kelce currently is tied in second place with wide receiver Otis Taylor with 57 touchdowns. Guess who leads the Franchise with 76 reception touchdowns? If you guessed Tony Gonzalez then you’d be right. When I first saw the number I thought it was a little low. I honestly thought Gonzalez had more reception touchdowns as a Kansas City Chief.

I think at the end of the 2023 season Travis Kelce should be able to move into first place when it comes to receiving yards. By the midpoint of the 2024 season, Kelce should be able to get into first place when it comes to receiving touchdowns. That is of course if everything goes well and the offense keeps firing on all cylinders. Travis Kelce is going to be breaking a lot of franchise and NFL records before his playing time is up.

Travis Kelce’s first career touchdown 🙌 (🎥 @NFLonCBS) — Sea of Red Nation (@seaofrednation) August 28, 2022

Patrick Mahomes

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is currently third in franchise history when it comes to passing yardage with 18,991. He sits behind Quarterback Trent Green who had 21,459 yards. The current leader is the late QB Len Dawson who had 28,507 yards. Dawson played 183 games and Green played 88 games to get their yardage for the Chiefs. Mahomes currently sits at just 63 games played.

Farewell To A Legend: Chiefs Len Dawson Remembered

Mahomes is sitting in second place right now with 151 passing touchdowns. Dawson is the current franchise leader at 237 passing touchdowns and Green is third with 118 touchdowns. So you see the crazy difference between second and third. Dawson truly was a legend in every sense of the word. I know that Len Dawson would have been proud when Mahomes passes him on the franchise leader point in passing yards and touchdowns.

Currently, Mahomes has 9,516 fewer passing yards than Dawson. In order for Mahomes to tie Dawson in only two years’ time, he would have to average 4,758 passing yards a year. Honestly, at the end of the 2023 season, Mahomes will likely get that record. Mahomes has 86 fewer passing touchdowns than Dawson and that is another record I think Mahomes will get by the end of the 2023 season.

Harrison Butker

Kicker Harrison Butker currently sits third when it comes to scoring (total points) in franchise history with 671. He is only been on the team for five years! I’m so glad that the Chiefs signed him from the Carolina Panthers practice squad in 2017. Butker still has a way to go to catch number two on the list, kicker Jan Stenerud. Senerud finished with 1,231 career points. The number one spot goes to another kicker, Nick Lowery, who has 1,466 points for the Chiefs franchise.

BUTKER. CLUTCH. — Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) January 24, 2022

If we take Butker’s average points per year it would take him just over four years to move into second place and just under six years to take the number one spot. Butker’s career Made Field Goal Percentage is just crazy at 90.1%. When putting that in perspective he is just behind Baltimore Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker who is at 91%. If all goes well and he remains on the team, I think Butker will take all the major kicking franchise records in five years’ time.



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