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Fox Announced Tom Brady’s Next Chapter After Bucs

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Everyone wants to be the highest-paid player but refuses to see the consequences. They cannot see the big picture that Super Bowls and playoff wins are worth more than a blank check. Good things come to those who wait or hold every record in league history.

This Man Can’t Get Enough Football

On Tuesday, Tom Brady will join the FOX crew after retiring. The two parties agreed to a decade-long, $375 million deal. The GOAT has not stepped inside a broadcast booth. Knowledge is power.

Why Is This A Steal For FOX?

Commentary is a critical aspect of any sport, giving the viewers at home a taste of the atmosphere and energy at the stadium feel like. Romo and Collinsworth changed color commentary for the better. Romo predicting plays’ Collinsworth’s analysis during replays educates the fan who may not have laced up a pair of cleats.

Brady plans to be a combo of both. Both golf matches proved Brady will slide into his new role just fine. His vast game knowledge will have fans treating his analysis like a college lecture. He sees the game through a different lens. His perspective opens the door for fans to learn more about debates with family and friends. The Patriot way becomes exposed.

Why Did Brady Take The Job?

Other than the $375 million thrown at him, he loves a challenge. Brady embraces a challenge. He was the 5th QB on the depth chart @ Michigan; he became the starter and led a comeback against Alabama in the Orange Bowl.

The Patriots drafted him with the 199th pick, and he became the Pats’ third-string. He worked and grinded just to be the backup to Drew Bledsoe. He hit the ceiling. Bledsoe was the franchise guy. However, Bledsoe’s injury eventually led to Brady’s unanimous Hall of Fame career.

Brady dedicated his life to football; he retired and realized that he could not live without it. It sounds clique, but true. Tom Brady is football. His knowledge of the game will be worth tuning in by itself. Every fan wants to know what Brady sees before the snap; they’ll get that chance.

Tom Brady: Family Guy

His new gig gives him the best of both worlds. He remains in the football but can do it around his family life. Giselle wants him to spend more time at home and with his family. His new schedule gives him flexibility in balancing family and professional life.

In a world where few things make sense, this deal does. Finally, Tom Brady belongs a part of the NFL. It will be an honor to listen to him every week.


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