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Five NBA Trades That We Need to See Happen This Offseason

NBA Trades, Stadium Rant

As depressing as it might be, the NBA offseason is here, but luckily it comes with the annual ritual of trade rumors, wild speculation, and dreams of blockbuster deals that could reshape the league. 

This summer is no different, and there are a few trades that fans and analysts alike believe need to happen. Here’s a look at some of the most intriguing possibilities.

1. Brandon Ingram to the Mavericks

Brandon Ingram, Mavericks, NBA Trades

The Dallas Mavericks are desperate for a third star to pair with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. Brandon Ingram, a versatile forward from the New Orleans Pelicans, might be the perfect fit. Ingram is coming off a season where he averaged 20.8 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 5.7 assists per game. However, the Pelicans have struggled to find synergy between Ingram and Zion Williamson, making him a prime trade candidate. 

For the Mavericks, acquiring Ingram would be a gamble worth taking. His scoring ability and playmaking skills could help elevate Dallas to serious contender status in the Western Conference. The proposed trade could involve sending Tim Hardaway Jr., Richaun Holmes, Josh Green, Jaden Hardy, and multiple future first-round picks to New Orleans. This move would sacrifice depth for star power, but with Doncic and Irving already in place, it might be the boost the Mavericks need.

Meanwhile, the Pelicans would benefit from a reset. With Ingram potentially on his way out, New Orleans could focus on building a roster that better complements Zion’s unique talents. Bringing in promising young players and draft assets could set them up for future success and finally break out of the mediocre performance cycle plaguing them. 

How it could work out

  • Mavericks receive: Brandon Ingram

  • Pelicans receive: Tim Hardaway Jr., Richaun Holmes, Josh Green, Jaden Hardy, multiple future first-round picks

2. CJ McCollum to Any Playoff Contender

McCollum, NBA Trades, Stadium Rant

CJ McCollum is another name floating around in trade discussions. The veteran guard has been a stabilizing presence for the Pelicans, but as they look to retool around Zion, McCollum might find himself on the move. McCollum averaged 20.9 points and 5.7 assists per game last season, proving he still has plenty left in the tank. 

Any playoff contender in need of a reliable scorer and playmaker should be lining up for McCollum. Teams like the Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat, or even the Philadelphia 76ers could use his skills to boost their title chances. The Pelicans, in return, would gain valuable assets and cap flexibility to build a more cohesive team. 

How it could work out

  • Possible contenders: Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers

  • Contenders receive: CJ McCollum

  • Pelicans receive: Mix of young players, draft picks, and cap flexibility (specifics vary by team)

3. Jerami Grant to a Contender

Jerami Grant, Celtics, Warriors, NBA Trades

Jerami Grant is one of the more underrated players who could significantly impact a contending team. His versatility, defensive prowess, and scoring ability make him an ideal target for teams looking to bolster their forward positions. Grant averaged 20.5 points and 4.5 rebounds per game last season with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Teams like the Golden State Warriors or the Boston Celtics could use Grant’s talents to shore up their defense and add another scoring option. Grant's ability to guard multiple positions and contribute offensively would significantly boost any team with championship aspirations.

How it could work out

  • Possible contenders: Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, others.

  • Contenders receive: Jerami Grant

  • Trail Blazers receive: Mix of young players and draft picks (specifics vary by team)

4. The OKC Thunder—Anyone to Help Get Over The Hump

Kuzma, Siakam, NBA Trades

The Oklahoma City Thunder have one of the most exciting young rosters in the NBA, but they need a veteran presence to help guide their talented core. Players like Kyle Kuzma, Robert Williams, or even someone like Pascal Siakam could be the missing piece that helps the Thunder make a deep playoff run.

OKC has amassed a treasure trove of draft picks and young talent, making them a prime candidate to pull off a blockbuster trade. Adding a proven star to complement Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Jalen Williams, and Chet Holmgren could turn the Thunder into a legitimate threat in the West. 

How it could work out

  • Potential targets: Robert Williams, Pascal Siakam, Kyla Kuzma, etc.

  • Thunder receive: Proven player (specifics vary by target)

  • Other team receives: Combination of young talent, draft picks, and cap relief

5. The OKC Thunder—Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, NBA Trades, Stadium Rant

Maybe it's wishful thinking, but the idea of Kevin Durant returning to the Oklahoma City Thunder is both nostalgic and exciting for NBA fans.

This potential trade would see the Thunder receive Durant, while the Phoenix Suns would get a combination of young talent, along with multiple draft picks and cap relief.

For the Thunder, reuniting with Durant would bring veteran leadership and championship experience to their promising young core, including Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Chet Holmgren. This move could transform OKC into a legitimate contender in the Western Conference. For the Suns, trading Durant would provide them with valuable young players and draft assets to build around Devin Booker, ensuring future flexibility and a solid foundation for rebuilding.

Have Trade Ideas of Your Own? Let Us Know!

The NBA offseason is a time of hope and excitement for fans, with every trade rumor sparking dreams of what could be. Whether it’s Ingram to the Mavericks, McCollum finding a new home, Grant joining a contender, or the Thunder adding a key piece, these potential trades could dramatically alter the league’s landscape. 

Here's hoping some of these deals come to fruition and give us plenty to talk about when the new season tips off.



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