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Former Cowboys RB Says Commanders Will Win The NFC East

Former RB Makes Prediction

Cable network shows and writers all over the internet have taken turns this offseason predicting the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles to be the teams to beat in the NFC East in 2022. It’s become something of a given for Washington fans to see those outlets dog the franchise anyway.

That’s why it’s worthy of noting when someone breaks free of the pack mentality from those who don’t do their overall homework about teams despite speaking freely when asked. Former NFL running back Robert Turbin is the one going against the proverbial narrative grain by predicting the Washington Commanders to win the NFC East.

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Turbin is a former player who spent time on several teams including the Dallas Cowboys during the 2015 season.

He believes the combination of extending captain Terry McLaurin, and trading for former Eagles QB Carson Wentz will be enough to place them into contention in 2022. Turbin also thinks Washington’s defense should be dominant enough to command how opposing teams gameplan from week to week.

Turbin is convinced Ron Rivera is the key, calling him the “icing on the cake.” Adding that Rivera is a former two-time NFL Coach of the Year.

“He’s really the big reason why…he’ll get that team over the hump. And win the NFC East this year.”

No team has repeated as champion of the NFC East since 2003 when the Eagles took the division crown. So the smart money is on either the Giants, Commanders, or Eagles to take the crown this season since Dallas won it in 2021.



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