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Former Chiefs WR Bizzarely Compares New Team To This Chiefs Roster

The latest Tyreek Hill comments point to a comparison between his current Miami Dolphins team and a legendary Chiefs team from the past. Is there any merit to his comparison?

The Tyreek Hill “Podcast Saga” isn’t quite behind us Chiefs fans yet. In the first iteration of the podcast, Hill attacked his former team, teammates, and head coach in what ultimately was a series of bizarre claims. Since the first episode, talk surrounding the “It Needed To Be Said” podcast had seemingly died down until today’s latest comments.

In the latest episode of the podcast, Tyreek Hill compares the 2022 Miami Dolphins roster to a certain Chiefs roster that went on to win the Super Bowl.

2022 Dolphins = 2019 Chiefs? 🧐 — PFF (@PFF) July 12, 2022

Yes, according to Tyreek Hill, the weapons for the 2022 Dolphins are on par with the 2019 Chiefs that won the Super Bowl and dominated with one of the very best offenses ever. Is there any merit to what Hill is saying?

Comparing 2019 Chiefs WRs To The 2022 Miami Dolphins WR Unit

The 2019 Chiefs didn’t have two dominant wide receivers. In fact, they didn’t have a single wide receiver post 1,000 yards receiving in that 2019 season. Tyreek Hill led all wide receivers with 860 yards on 58 receptions. He played in just 12 games that season. The full stats of the wide receiver corps are below:

  1. Tyreek Hill: 58 receptions, 860 yards, seven touchdowns

  2. Sammy Watkins: 52 receptions, 673 yards, three touchdowns

  3. Mecole Hardman: 26 receptions, 538 yards, six touchdowns

  4. Demarcus Robinson: 32 receptions, 449 yards, four touchdowns

  5. Byron Pringle: 12 receptions, 170 yards, one touchdown

Perhaps there is some merit to the Tyreek claims when it comes to the wide receiver talent on the Dolphins. Of course, Tyreek Hill is himself, so you can easily check off one similarity. Jaylen Waddle, last year’s standout rookie, seems to have an advantage on topping the 52 receptions and 673 yards posted by Watkins in 2019.

Beyond Waddle and Hill, Preston Williams has shown flashes at times in his career and could easily land near where Robinson finished for those 2019 Chiefs. The wild card, 2022 rookie Erik Ezukanma, could profile as the 2022 Dolphins’ version of Mecole Hardman. At least in one aspect, Hill’s comments make sense. The Dolphins roster next season bears some resemblance to those 2019 Kansas City Chiefs. They have a couple of proven NFL wideouts paired with a couple of wild cards that could impact the game. Is Hill predicting that he won’t finish with 1,000 yards?

Comparing The 2019 Chiefs TEs to The 2022 Dolphins TE Unit

Once we move past the wide receiver room, the similarities between the 2019 Chiefs and next year’s Dolphins seem to completely disappear. In 2019, Travis Kelce caught 97 passes for 1,229 yards and five receiving touchdowns. Blake Bell, although not much of a receiver, was an excellent backup tight end who could assist with blocks on the outside.

In Miami, the tight-end situation is far different from Kansas City. Kelce, who has never posted less than 850 receiving yards during a full season in his career, is in the midst of a historic 1,000-yard streak. He has currently tallied at least 1,000 yards receiving in a tight-end record six consecutive seasons. No tight-end in history has more receiving yards in their first 120 games than Kelce.

For the Dolphins, Mike Gesicki, a former second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, has never surpassed 800 yards in an NFL season. Kelce’s worst full season, 2014, in which he logged 67 receptions for 862 yards and five touchdowns, is better than Mike Gesicki’s best NFL season.

Last season was Gesicki’s best in the NFL when he tallied 73 receptions for 780 receiving yards and two touchdowns. The comparisons between Kelce and Gesicki start and end with the position they play. There’s no comparing these two.

Comparing The 2019 Chiefs QB To The 2022 Dolphins QB Room

If you thought the tight end comparisons were a boat race, then buckle up. When comparing the quarterback play of the 2019 Chiefs to the 2022 Dolphins, it’s almost a laughable exercise. Since Patrick Mahomes entered the NFL, he’s been on an entirely different level than the rest of the league.

Since Patrick Mahomes was named the starter in 2018, he is by far and away the most consistently elite QB in the NFL over that time. When someone says Mahomes isn’t the best QB in the NFL….show them this. The 2nd graph begins to illustrate just how good ALL TIME he compares. — Chiefs Outsider – Chris  (@chiefs_outsider) July 11, 2022

The chart above, tweeted out by @chiefs_outsider, shows just how far and away Patrick Mahomes is above the rest of the NFL quarterbacks. In terms of Expected Points Added per Play, or EPA/play, Mahomes has a career mark north of 0.30. No other quarterback since 1999 is even above 0.25.

Based on just last season alone, Patrick Mahomes ranked second in the NFL behind Aaron Rodgers with an 0.221 EPA/play. Tagovailoa ranked 20th at 0.062. For context, Baker Mayfield finished the season 21st at 0.044.

There is no comparing these two quarterbacks. In doing so, you’re taking one of the best quarterbacks we’ve ever seen, on a historic trajectory, and comparing him to a pretty good quarterback prospect who has never exceeded 3000 yards passing or 20 touchdowns in an NFL season. Tyreek Hill has every right to protect his new quarterback. Hell, he can even hype him up.

However, to compare him to Patrick Mahomes? It’s just a laughable exercise at this point.

Comparing The 2019 Chiefs Coaches To The 2022 Miami Dolphins

Finally, we can compare perhaps the most outrageous comparison of this entire exercise. Andy Reid is a future Hall of Fame head coach on pace for even more history this season. Could Mike McDaniel one day be a Hall of Fame coach? It’s possible. Anything is possible.

However, McDaniel is entering his very first season as an NFL Head Coach. He’s never coached an NFL game yet, outside of being the Offensive Coordinator for the 49ers last season. Prior to that, he was the 49ers’ run-game coordinator from 2017-2020. There’s no comparing these two Head Coaches.

McDaniel, with zero Head Coaching wins, has a long way to go to catch Reid at 233 wins (and counting). Behind McDaniel is his team of coaches, including first-year Offensive Coordinator, Frank Smith, and third-year defensive coordinator, Josh Boyer. The Chiefs had a Super Bowl-winning Defensive mastermind in Steve Spagnuolo on that 2019 coaching staff. They also had Eric Bieniemy, who orchestrated one of the best offenses in NFL history just the season prior in 2018.

I don’t see many comparisons between these two groups of coaches.

Hill Will Continue To Defend His New Friends And Disparage Chiefs

One thing is clear since Tyreek Hill has left Kansas City; he doesn’t seem confident in his decision. For a player that forced a trade from the Chiefs and took more money over the team that built his entire career, he seems very insecure.

Hill could have left Kansas City, gone to Miami and had a quiet offseason, and then showed it on the field. Instead of letting his play on the field speak for itself, Hill has resorted to bashing his former teammates and the franchise that helped him build his entire NFL success.

Of course, Hill will defend and hype up his new quarterback. That is to be expected and is almost admirable. However, this can be done without taking shot after shot at the Kansas City Chiefs. From my point of view, it almost looks as if Hill is already regretting his decision to leave. He’s attempting to convince himself and his fans that next year’s Dolphins are the same situation he left in Kansas City.

He’s attempting to convince himself that he still has a great quarterback (despite leaving one of the very best to ever play the position) and a great roster around him. The reality is that Hill has not gone to a better situation. He took a career downgrade to make more money and the sooner he lives with that realization, the quicker his podcast headlines will die out.

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What are your thoughts on the latest Tyreek Hill podcast comments? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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