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Former Chiefs Rushing King Requests A Trade

A former Chiefs running back that led the league in rushing in 2017 has requested a trade from his current team, the Cleveland Browns. Should the Chiefs have any interest?

A former running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, Kareem Hunt, has officially requested a trade from the Cleveland Browns. This has started a debate amongst fans of the team that is easy to answer.

No, Kareem Hunt should not make a return to Kansas City. There are a couple of reasons for this, but it is essential that you all understand that Hunt is not returning. Of course, even with a running back showing out in camp, it would be an upgrade if he did return. He’d be the best running back on the team the day he showed up. The Kingdom would embrace him and he would make the team better, but there is more to it than that.

Chiefs Shouldn’t Entertain Trading For Hunt Despite The Upgrade

The first reason I can so confidently say this will not happen is that reports already say the Browns will not be trading Hunt. I am surprised that they wouldn’t be interested in a trade. It would save them nearly five million in cap space and get a disgruntled player out of the locker room. The Browns are having enough distractions this off-season without embracing another one.

The only reason it makes sense to not trade Hunt is if they think he’ll sign a big contract after the season. If he signs a big deal then they could earn a third or fourth-round compensatory pick. An expensive running back in his contract year with a checkered past demanding the trade is not likely to bring good value.

YESTERDAY: Kareem Hunt requested a trade from the #DawgPound. #Browns have declined this request. A Kareem Hunt trade to ANY team would have a huge impact on #FantasyFootball this year. Where would you like to see Hunt go? 👀 — Stadium Rant (@StadiumRantHQ) August 7, 2022

#Browns RB Kareem Hunt has requested a trade out of Cleveland, per @MaryKayCabot, but the team has already told him they won’t trade him. Hunt is entering the final year of his contract and has been looking for a new deal. — Ari Meirov (@MySportsUpdate) August 7, 2022

The Browns are a run-heavy team, especially if Deshaun Watson spends the season suspended. If Watson doesn’t play they will need the one-two punch of Nick Chubb and Hunt if they want any hope of being a good team in 2022.

So the fact the Browns do not appear willing to trade Hunt is big, but even if they would trade him, the Chiefs likely would not be interested. Four years ago, Kansas City and Hunt had a bad breakup. In late November 2018, a video was released by TMZ of an altercation between Hunt and a woman outside his hotel room.

VIDEO: Kansas City Chiefs star running back Kareem Hunt CUT after video shows him shoving, bull-rushing and kicking a woman in a hotel — TMZ (@TMZ) December 1, 2018

Just hours after the video was released, Hunt was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list and then released by the team. With the release, Clark Hunt made a statement that the Chiefs were disappointed with Hunt and that he had not been truthful with them regarding the incident. Loyalty is very important to the Chiefs, and it was clear that Hunt was not forthcoming with the Chiefs when they asked about this incident.

It doesn’t help that since he was released Hunt was arrested for a DUI, and caught on video once again. He also had a video released of an altercation at a bar while he was with the Chiefs. Hunt has a pattern of poor behavior that has followed him from college to Kansas City and now to Cleveland. Combine that with the fact that the Chiefs know they can’t trust him, it is a recipe to have zero interest in a player. So the answer is no Kansas City. Kareem Hunt will not be joining the Chiefs ever again.

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