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Fly Fandom Fly: What Is An Eagles Fan?

The Philadelphia Eagles have had a countless number of fans through their nearly 90-year history. Being an Eagles fan isn’t easy by any means. No matter how long someone has been bleeding green for, the reality is they will see some pretty games and some ugly games. Consider it the growing pains of flying with the birds.

Whether you are walking up the steps of the Linc or heading to your favorite jawn to watch the game. Whether you are one of the thousands in attendance or sitting in your favorite chair at home yelling at your television; Sunday is the birds’ day. The aroma of mouth-watering cheesesteaks and half-spilled beer during an Eagles game is second to none. Whether you are being gifted your first Eagles jersey or trying to fit into the one you don’t wash until after the season, it is truly a special feeling.

So, what is an Eagles fan?


There are no casual Sundays for an Eagles fan. After every game, it doesn’t matter if the Birds win or lose. You can bet every Eagles fan is either emotionally drained, intoxicated, a little hoarse, or quite possibly all three. Passion is felt just by hearing Eagles fans sing their lungs out to their fight song “Fly, Eagles Fly.” Who would have thought someone could get goosebumps from just hearing people spell out the word “Eagles”?

To rephrase a famous and special Rocky quote; “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.” When the Eagles have a lackluster performance, the fans will let them know about it. It doesn’t matter if the game is away or at home. Birds’ fans are not afraid to boo their team if they are playing poorly. Now, these fans love their team, but they voice their frustrations when needed. Whether it is throwing snowballs at Santa, or shouting “Go Birds” in the streets, you will feel the passion from Eagles fans.


The Eagles fanbase is full of the most loyal fans you will ever meet. Every Eagles away game practically turns into a home game with a sea of green filling the seats in each opposing stadium. Birds fans are not afraid to travel to cheer on their beloved Eagles, creating a hostile environment to the opposing team.

There are many different ways Eagles fans show their loyalty. From purchasing season tickets every year to loading up their houses with Eagles-themed décor. Every Eagles fan wants to show off their love for their team.

Die-hard Eagles fans will be the first to tell you, whether their team wins or loses, they will continue to bleed green. There is no room for fair-weather fans here.


The Eagles’ fans are more than just another fanbase, they are a family. It’s the unequivocal bond you share with each fan that dons an Eagles jersey or walks by you shouting, “Go Birds.”

When you go tailgating on game day, tossing a football around with people you just met, it’s the culture. When Eagles fans are together there is no worrying about the outside world. You don’t have to think about work or bills. When you are surrounded by generations of Eagle bloodlines, all that matters at that moment is Eagles football.

Many tears have been shed together from happiness and heartbreak through the years. From unbearable losses in the playoffs to the unbelievable and long-awaited victory at Super Bowl LVII, Eagles fan’s emotions were all felt as one.

We Are One

There are many other teams with fanbases that might think Eagles fans are a bit annoying or obnoxious. However, Birds fans adopted a new song, “No one likes us, and we don’t care,” to let the haters know how they feel. As said before, being an Eagles fan is not an easy task to say at the least. To that we say, this is Philly. Nothing is supposed to be easy.

There are two different two-word phrases Eagles fans live by. “Go Birds,” is one you will hear daily, to let the world know they bleed green for life. The other two-word phrase is just as powerful and honest. For everyone reading this, you know what it is. So, without further ado, let us say it together:

“Dallas Sucks.”

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